The Pampered American Pet

During his August 2 radio show, “What Our Pets Say About Us: The Big Business Of The American Pet Industry”, Dr. Albert Mohler highlights the cover story of the August 9 issue of Business Week, “The Pet Economy”, and explores the significance behind America’s love affair with pets.

Mohler was his usual insightful self during the show, and his words led me to read the story in Business Week.

Of course, I did not need to read it to know that pet owners in this country absolutely love their pets, particularly dogs. I would say not only owners but Americans in general cherish dogs. This is evidenced by the backlash towards Michael Vick’s criminal activities.

Here are some of the quotes from said article,

“Americans spend $41 billion a year on their pets…” — The article points out that this is more than the GNP of all but 64 countries. Not only that but this figure is more than Americans spend on the movies, video games, and recorded music COMBINED.

“Pet owners are now less driven by price than ’emotion and passion'” — NO!

“‘Many of us consider pets as the new babies'” — I think this gentleman’s words speak for themselves

“Americans now spend $9.8 billion a year on vet services. That doesn’t include the over-the-counter drugs and other supplies, which add $9.9 billion in costs.” — This makes me wonder, how many of the folks who are dropping this cash on pet healthcare are upset that there are many Americans without health insurance?

Seriously though, what’s next? Civil unions? Sex between consenting “partners”?*


*Though this has allegedly been going on in certain parts of rural America, it won’t be normalized until ‘enlightened’ urbanites deem it acceptable.