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Putin Badminton


That has to be the nicest badminton court I’ve seen, but then again I have not seen that many. I wonder if Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (right) informed President Dmitry Medvedev (left) that this was going to be a mixed doubles match.

Qué mañoso Volodya, qué mañoso.

When I saw this pic, it reminded me of that Taco Bell commercial starring Hakeem Olajuwon and Shaq back in the day.

Yes I know the constant posting of Vladimir Putin’s activities remind you, gentle reader, of a certain number by Animotion. What song? Let’s go to the tape…

Our Dogs are Children, Our Children are Evidence

Please don’t misconstrue this post as another tired attempt at bemoaning how this country has gone into the toilet (to quote Chris Rock, “we’re losing everything”).

As if this nation was Utopia before certain ‘progressive’ elements imposed their worldview on the culture. It never was, it never will be, after all the literal meaning of Utopia is ‘no place’.

Let us also keep in mind what the Rob Bell (below) said.rob-bell1

His words are as follows,

Why blame the dark for being dark? It is far more helpful to ask why the light isn’t as bright as it could be

All that being said, check out the following story:

Miami abortion clinic owner threw live baby away, prosecutors say

If we can get past the contradictions in the headline and actually go into the story, it is acknowledged that the accused is alleged to

…delivering a live baby during a botched procedure and then throwing the infant away.

The child of course is dead, so what kind of charges is this woman facing? Involuntary manslaughter? Criminal neglect? Homicide?

No, rather “practicing medicine without a license and tampering with evidence.”

Where is Andy Rooney when you need him?

Best friends: Anatolian Shepherd Dogs and Cheetahs

About a month ago, we made an impromptu visit to the Houston Zoo. Our son absolutely loves animals and the awe on his face as he looked at the giraffes is worth more than the price of admission (a hefty $10 for adults, it used to be free).

Of course, I had to set aside the fact that the zoo is more or less an animal penitentiary (what animals have to be penitent about I cannot say), but then again as a child you don’t really see it that way

When we hit the cheetah enclosure I noticed that there were a couple of enormous white dogs in there with them. I thought it odd, asked the wife about it, she didn’t know anything about it so I filed the question and didn’t give it further thought until I saw this recent feel-good story,
Meet the dog that thinks there’s nothing sweetah than a cheetah.

Good for them in furthering their efforts to improve canine-feline relations.

Maybe an Anatolian shepherd would have been an apt mediator when that misguided soul ventured into Bongo’s enclosure.

Pet Funerals: a Sign of Confused Times

Most everyone has had a pet at some point in their lives, thus most everyone has had to deal with the death of a pet.

Growing up we had cats, and we lost a couple of them. We did what most people out in the sticks do: you dig a hole, put the carcass in a shoebox, say a few words and bury it.

Apparently things have progressed way beyond that, at least according to this,
Pet-Only Funeral Home Opens In Fla.

Not surprising given the confusion of many a pet owner (some would never call themselves ‘owners’) regarding the fact that pets are not people.

I know an owner who has said that she cares more about her dogs than others care about their children, her reasoning? She spends more money on her dogs than people do on her children.

Yes, because money is ultimately what determines value.

Back to the story, this quote needs no further commentary,

“We started the business because I don’t have two-legged children,” Pet Angel Memorial owner Colleen Ellis said. “All I have is four-legged children and I wanted her treated in the same way as the human funeral business, which is the business I come from.”

The Puli

I have a soft spot for Chows (blogged about it here), but I’m not a dog lover. Like mentioned in the aforementioned post, my fondness for Chows stems from actually having known one.

The same cannot be said of my fondness for the Puli (below) since I have not had the privilege of having known one.


This one is from a recent dog show in Germany.

My first exposure to this breed was in the album notes of Bush’s Sixteen Stone. Lead singer Gavin Rossdale’s puli (below) was featured within.


A non-dog lover’s soft spot for Chows


I don’t like dogs. I said it, it had to be said, somebody had to say it. Perhaps that statement puts me in many people’s em, doghouse, but I have my reasons.

Hopefully, said people don’t equate me with Michael Vick (at worst) or think that I somehow applaud Vick’s deplorable actions (at best).

That being said, if a dog were to actually be brought into our house as a pet, it would be a chow (the chow above participated in the 2008 Westminster Dog Show). Why? I have always liked chows, perhaps because they don’t look like dogs, or maybe its their cool purple tongues.

More than likely it is due to the efforts of a chow named Sebastian who lived next door to my folks’ house. This furry fellow would patrol our street tirelessly with class and aplomb. When his owner would come over for a visit, he would escort her to our front door as an equal not some impotent and spineless em, lapdog.

When I would come home, he would greet me with a curt and majestic nod as he regally sat in his pet’s front yard (Sebastian was the owner). Thanks Sebastian for the memories and for representing your species well, if you could only teach other dogs (not to mention some owners) to do the same.

The Pampered American Pet

During his August 2 radio show, “What Our Pets Say About Us: The Big Business Of The American Pet Industry”, Dr. Albert Mohler highlights the cover story of the August 9 issue of Business Week, “The Pet Economy”, and explores the significance behind America’s love affair with pets.

Mohler was his usual insightful self during the show, and his words led me to read the story in Business Week.

Of course, I did not need to read it to know that pet owners in this country absolutely love their pets, particularly dogs. I would say not only owners but Americans in general cherish dogs. This is evidenced by the backlash towards Michael Vick’s criminal activities.

Here are some of the quotes from said article,

“Americans spend $41 billion a year on their pets…” — The article points out that this is more than the GNP of all but 64 countries. Not only that but this figure is more than Americans spend on the movies, video games, and recorded music COMBINED.

“Pet owners are now less driven by price than ’emotion and passion'” — NO!

“‘Many of us consider pets as the new babies'” — I think this gentleman’s words speak for themselves

“Americans now spend $9.8 billion a year on vet services. That doesn’t include the over-the-counter drugs and other supplies, which add $9.9 billion in costs.” — This makes me wonder, how many of the folks who are dropping this cash on pet healthcare are upset that there are many Americans without health insurance?

Seriously though, what’s next? Civil unions? Sex between consenting “partners”?*


*Though this has allegedly been going on in certain parts of rural America, it won’t be normalized until ‘enlightened’ urbanites deem it acceptable.