I recently read someone remark that “religion does not have a place in an intellectual discussion”.

The outright ignorance of the statement is only outdone by the sheer hypocrisy of it since the statement itself belies some sort of belief system.

So-called religion indeed does have a place in discussion, in fact its place is unavoidable given how every individual on this planet holds to a set of beliefs concerning the nature and purpose of the universe (what the basic definition of religion is), and said beliefs will influence and form the basis of what is brought forth in a discussion.

This attempt to drive out “religion” (Biblical Christianity* is usually what is meant) from discussion is as old as humanity itself and is hardly a surprise when such efforts come from the unregenerate. What is shocking is when this is attempted by Christians (real or imagined) who in reality should know better.

With that in mind, I’ll get out of the way and let Dr. Albert Mohler explain this blog’s view on discussion,

So, when evangelical Christians show up for conversation about the things that matter most, we show up as the people who believe that God has spoken truthfully to us in the Bible–and supremely in Jesus Christ. Do we believe that we possess a monopoly on truth? No. But we do believe that God has spoken, and that we must be faithful to his Word. In other words, we are making a claim that God has revealed himself in a way that gives us access to absolute truth. Furthermore–and here again we must be very honest–we believe that God has revealed himself in the Bible and in Jesus Christ in a way that is unique, definitive, particular, and universal in claim.

In other words, we have to show up at such a conversation with the acknowledgment that we will claim a biblical authority that is absolute, universal, and timeless. While we may misunderstand or misapply this authoritative word, any problem lies with us, not with God’s self-revelation to us.

Is this a conversation stopper? It should not be. Indeed, it can’t be. Is conversation possible only among those who deny a divine revelation? If so, only liberals can join the conversation. Evangelicals must show up ready to speak and ready to listen, ready to respect others who hold radically divergent views even as we would ask for respect in return.

The only conversation worth having is an honest conversation among persons who respect each other’s deepest beliefs as being honestly held and honestly presented. The reality is that too many “interfaith” discussions are held among those who have only a tenuous hold upon the faiths they claim to represent. We should not be afraid to disagree, nor to risk the conversation. So, let the conversation begin . . . and let us show up as who we are, beliefs and all.

This was taken from the following article,
“Telling the Truth About Truth”

*Had to use this term even though it should be obvious to any rational person that a “Christianity” which doesn’t see the Bible as the Word of God has departed from true Christianity and joined the ranks of every other false religion in the history of our species.

4 Responses to Discussion

  1. amber says:

    i found the article about Charles Barkley interesting in what he said about the fake christians that lurk the sinful word these days. When people (christians) themselves, understand that there is no other one in the world that can not save our souls than Jesus Christ and when the chirstians judge someone because of race, sex, gender, etc, God doesn’t do that to us as people. Fake Christians judge in what they want to believe. I know I am a true christian and i don’t care if i am critized for believeing what i read about the fake christians that our out there in what a young christian women reads but i believe that this is happening in this unsinful world that we are living in.

  2. Curt says:

    Just curious Dustin, with all this bible talk, what are your thoughts one of the ten commandments: Thout shall not covet they neibours wife? Hmm that’s a bit of a sticky one isn’t it?

  3. Laz says:

    Just curious but who is Dustin?

  4. Mike says:

    you know you’re not getting filtered info from Charles …

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