What To Do “When Creationism Threatens”

Well if you were to ask Antoine Dodson, he’d probably tell you to “hide yo kids, hide yo wives”, but of course the NCSE (National Center for Science Education) simply wants a bit of your personal info.

Here’s a tidbit from one of their mailers:

Incidents of antievolutionary activity often require swift coordinated local action, and the fastest and most efficient way for NCSE to get in touch with its members when creationism threatens is by e-mail.

I wonder if the NCSE has considered implementing their own version of the Department of Homeland Security’s Advisory System (right).

Judging by the paranoia-laced paragraph in their mailer (“antievolutionary activity” etc.), it might not be a bad idea. What does “swift coordinated local action” entail anyway? S.W.A.T. teams armed with copies of PBS’ “Evolution” series?  A burnt offering consisting of creationist material?  A Blackhawk helicopter dispersing hundreds of anti-creationist leaflets over areas afflicted with Biblical literacy?

Then again, after the construction of AiG’s “unsettling” Creation Museum, I’m sure the terror level would perpetually reside in wavelengths greater than approx. 585 nm.

Advisory system or not, every responsible citizen should make sure to report any suspicious “antievolutionary activity” to their nearest public school. That way, they can put you in contact with the NCSE and you can file your report. Constant vigilance!

Pretty soon we’re going to have to redo the old joke: Pentecostals believe there is a demon under every rock, Baptists believe there is a Pentecostal under every rock and the NCSE believes there is a creationist under every rock.

4 Responses to What To Do “When Creationism Threatens”

  1. dsartain18 says:

    1) Only wacky Pentecostals believe there is a demon under every rock, there are Biblical Pentecostals that have a more realistic approach to life.
    2) Same goes for the Baptists.

    3) How can creationism threaten that which is only a theory? Last I checked, it’s still the “theory of evolution”. How can a theory be attacked and respond with anything other than “Yeah, it could be that way too” because it’s not a fact?

    • Laz says:

      Thanks for the comment. I was being facetious with the Pentecostal/Baptist joke.

      As for the theory thing, the classic response is that in science, “theory” is more than “just a theory”. The theory of gravity is an oft cited example. It will be pointed out that no one questions the theory of gravity, even if it’s labeled as a “theory”.

      A theory in science has to be falsifiable. If it could be shown that GTE (general theory of evolution) is not so, then its adherents will abandon it, in theory that is…

      • dsartain18 says:

        Well, I guess I should clarify my meaning by “theory”. They can’t prove it, neither can I prove creation. They are accepting evolution on faith just as much as I am accepting creation on faith.

        So when we speak of things in an academic or philosophical environment, both have just as much room to stand until either is knocked down. The only thing that creation answers which evolution does not, is the initial spark, how it all started. Where did the first matter come from? If it came from another universe through a type of black hole (or whatever), where did that universe come from? If is simply appeared ex nihilo, which is impossible according to science, what or who was powerful enough to put it there defying the laws of science???

        You don’t even have to argue the Judeo-Christian account of creation to point out that evolution apart from an Unmovable Mover just doesn’t make sense.

  2. Lista says:

    I Agree with dsartain18. Also, as Far as I Know, there has not been an Alternate Theory Presented in Relation to Gravity. No One Questions it, because no Other Explanation has been Suggested. This is not True of Evolution. Also, Creationism is more Accurately Called Intelligent Design Theory. Creationism is Mostly Based on the Scripture, but Intelligent Design is more Scientific.

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