Why Don’t Doves Cry?

Because they can’t.

And so begins Part 2 of the “Pictures of Birds Perched on Our Fence” series.


The above picture came to my mind after reading a passage from A.W. Pink’s breathtaking treatise, The Sovereignty of God.

Pink quotes J. Denham Smith in the chapter titled, “God’s Sovereignty and the Human Will” (emphasis mine),

Man is impotent as to his will. He has no will favorable to God. I believe in free will; but then it is a will only free to act according to nature.

A dove has no will to eat carrion; a raven no will to eat the clean food of the dove. Put the nature of the dove into the raven and it will eat the food of the dove. Satan could have no will for holiness. We speak it with reverence; God could have no will for evil.

The sinner in his sinful nature could never have a will according to God. For this he must be born again.”