A non-dog lover’s soft spot for Chows


I don’t like dogs. I said it, it had to be said, somebody had to say it. Perhaps that statement puts me in many people’s em, doghouse, but I have my reasons.

Hopefully, said people don’t equate me with Michael Vick (at worst) or think that I somehow applaud Vick’s deplorable actions (at best).

That being said, if a dog were to actually be brought into our house as a pet, it would be a chow (the chow above participated in the 2008 Westminster Dog Show). Why? I have always liked chows, perhaps because they don’t look like dogs, or maybe its their cool purple tongues.

More than likely it is due to the efforts of a chow named Sebastian who lived next door to my folks’ house. This furry fellow would patrol our street tirelessly with class and aplomb. When his owner would come over for a visit, he would escort her to our front door as an equal not some impotent and spineless em, lapdog.

When I would come home, he would greet me with a curt and majestic nod as he regally sat in his pet’s front yard (Sebastian was the owner). Thanks Sebastian for the memories and for representing your species well, if you could only teach other dogs (not to mention some owners) to do the same.