Sports fan, you’re not part of the team


“What did we win?”

Chris Rock (above) said this in response to the black community’s reaction to the O.J. verdict. He couldn’t understand why many within that community were celebrating one man’s justification in the murders of his ex-wife and her friend. He pointed out that the verdict did nothing for the people celebrating it, the verdict only helped Orenthal James Simpson.

Rock’s words rattle around inside my head every time I hear a sports fan refer to his favorite team as “we”. This phenomenon is endemic (and I would say fuels) to sports talk radio shows, as callers give their $0.02 as to how their team can improve. They’ll say something to the effect of,

We could win more games if only we had drafted Vince Young or if we had a better offensive line.

Admittedly in the past I have done this in conversations (and sometimes still catch myself doing it, old habits die hard) without much thought.

Had a good friend in college who consistently pointed out that there is no “we” as long as we are not part of the actual team. We all thought he was crazy, but it seems that he is right. It is strange to hear people, who are not part of a team, much less the organization, refer to that team as “we.”

This point became very obvious to me after the University of Texas (my alma mater) foot ball team won the 2006 National Championship. Did I enjoy the outcome? Immensely.

In fact, I ended up hugging a grown man in celebration. The experience was special and I wasn’t even at the game. Yet Rock’s words help to put things in perspective,

What did we win?

Absolutely nothing save some moments of euphoria and so-called bragging rights, is there anything more fleeting?


Titans punch the Texans in the Gut, Again

After appearing lifeless for the first 3 quarters of today’s match up against the Tennessee Titans, the Houston Texans roared back into the game, scoring 29 points in the 4th Quarter take a 36-35 lead. Yet Titans QB Kerry Collins rallied his team to set up Rob Bironas’ game winning field goal.

Final Score: Titans 38, Texans 36

Texans backup QB Sage Rosenfels, who entered for injured starter Matt Schaub, for the 2nd straight year nearly pulled out an improbable comeback against the Titans only to be thwarted at the end.

This was an entertaining game even though Titans starting QB Vince Young did not take one snap because of injury.

Will the Texans ever get over on Young’s Titans? It doesn’t seem that way.

Personally, I was actually pulling for the Texans to win it given the improbable way they came back in the 4th Quarter. Also, given that my man VY did not participate, I wasn’t going to mind if the Titans did lose. I like to think of myself as a Vince Young fan first and then a fan of any particular NFL team, that team being the one he plays on.

Had the Texans drafted Young, a Texans fan I would be. Yet even though I’ve lived in Houston most of my life, I’m not a Texans fan, especially since they have no history here in the city. Quite frankly, I never got wrapped up in all the hoopla when Houston was awarded an expansion franchise.

I even think it comical to see all these diehard Texans fans, not to mention the so-called “long time” Texans fans who call the local sports radio shows. There is no way that kind of loyalty (in terms of a sports team) can exist for a team which hasn’t even been here for 10 years.

In Honor of Vince Young’s upcoming visit to Reliant Stadium

To ready ourselves for the upcoming Titans-Texans matchup this coming Sunday at Reliant Stadium, here’s a clip from the play which ended last year’s showdown.

That’s right, a video of Vince Young’s game-winning touchdown run over his hometown team whose braintrust passed him up in the draft because they had David Carr.

Enjoy Texans fan…

Colt McCoy drops Philippians 3:13 on the Longhorns

The Apostle Paul wrote this to the church at Philippi (3:13),

…but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead

Almost 2000 years later, the Texas Longhorns have been seeking a leader since Vince Young departed for NFL pastures and according to this story, Colt McCoy (below) might have finally stepped up into that role quoting Paul in the process.


McCoy made a passionate speech after Texas’ loss to rival Oklahoma. According to the article,

McCoy said he quoted a passage from the Bible to make his point.

“Forget what is behind, strain toward what is ahead,” McCoy said. “It’s time we start doing the right things and playing well.”

Gotta love the guy, wonder if he has any plans to enter the ministry after football?

Even Vince Young Lays the Occasional Egg

Here are Vince Young’s stats in Tennessee’s win over the Atlanta Falcons today:
PASSING [20/33, 157 yards, 3 Interceptions]

RUSHING [8 attempts for 27 yards, 0 Touchdowns]

In a word, UGLY, but just goes to show that even Superman (below) has bad days.

He might want to treat the Titans’ defense to dinner for the next week after today’s game.

By the way, VY’s record as a starter: 11-6

Wins, the only stat that matters.