Dr. Peter Venkman Haunts the 40 Acres

“Call it fate, call it luck, call it Karma, I believe everything happens for a reason.” — Dr. Peter Venkman

Yeah, I know that the UT-Arkansas game was a couple of weeks ago, but we’ve been behind with the posting.

That’s actor Bill Murray in Texas coach Mack Brown’s office (must have been hot in there). Dr. Venkman was in Austin that weekend for a film festival (Spike and Mike’s?). Read full story at the Wiz.

Maybe, the affable Murray chased out recent past Red River Rivalry ghosts:

  1. Quentin Griffin’s 6 TDs (2000)
  2. Roy Williams blasting Phil’s Son (2001)
  3. OU’s largest margin of victory against UT (2003)
  4. The shutout (2004)
  5. Jamaal Charles’ fumble at the 5-yard-line (2007)