Bush’s Tots

Well, it has been a month and one day since I’ve shown my face around here. Why that has been the case, I’m not sure, it’s not like there has been a lack of things to blog about.

There have been plenty but I guess no one thing was enough to drag me out of my shell until I caught the following piece cited at one of my daily haunts, Barking Carnival:

While Bush lives high, hometown scholarship reportedly runs dry

The Bush the story is about is of course, former USC great and now Super Bowl champion, Reggie Bush. Here’s Reggie getting sandwiched by Michael Huff and Aaron Ross,

With his deftness in not keeping his promises, it is obvious that Reggie is preparing for a future career in politics. How boss would it be to have Kim Kardashian as FLOTUS? Of course, Reggie might not have prayer since it’s hard to see how people are going to want another Bush at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

This post is dedicated to Reggie Bush’s obvious source of inspiration in all this, Michael Scott.

To view the episode, click here.

Frank Costanza Pays Lane Kiffin’s Buyout

I’m not here to lambast former Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin (below on the right), now head man at USC. Tell me who amongst you wouldn’t leave your current gig for a better paying and more prestigious one?

No, that’s not the Crypt Keeper scowling behind Kiffin

Can’t fault the man for leaving UT the Lesser and going to a place with sunnier skies and more teeth per capita than Knoxville, Tennessee.

I can’t even fault him or his staff for luring recruits away from Rocky Top and towards SoCal. Sure UT the Lesser fan is bent out of shape and whining about the unethical nature of Kiffin’s departure and antics. How comical is to watch any SEC fan complain about ethics in anything much less in college football recruiting, but I digress.

No, I’m here to marvel at the mountain of keish it took to buy out Mr. Kiffin’s Tennessee contract: $7.5 million.

Fortunately for SC, it has have plenty of rich alumni who are more than willing to foot that bill. In this particular case, the money man was Lakers owner Jerry Buss (below). Yes, that’s the same man who gave the world the gift of that keeps on giving, Festivus.

“Are you saying you want a piece of me?!?”

If anyone gets a clip of Lane Kiffin attempting to pin his benefactor during the Feats of Strength, please do share.

(Photo Credit: AP)

They don’t call him Captain Comeback for Nothing

Jim Harbaugh, aka Captain Comeback

Harbaugh earned this nickname while playing for the Indianapolis Colts back in 1995. He was the toast of that town back when Peyton Manning was trying unsuccessfully to beat Florida, though it is safe to say that Manning now has the key to the city.

Jim Harbaugh ended up as head coach at Stanford prior to this season. Before the start of the season he called USC one of the best teams ever (“Harbaugh: USC one of best teams ever”)

Well today Harbaugh’s unranked Stanford Cardinal upset the #2 ranked Mighty Men of Troy in classic Captain Comeback Fashion: “Stanford stuns Trojans”

Anyone else remember Harbaugh’s exploits with the Colts?

Here here for upset wins, they are part of what make college football great and this season has been spectacular.