Texas 30, Texas A&M 38

There is something to be said for making empty boasts (what other kind is there?) regarding one’s beloved college football team.

I remarked to an Aggie co-worker back in August that my ‘Horns were going to “kill” her Aggies come the day after Thanksgiving.

Boy is my face red (maroon?). Before making such a dumb statement I should have remembered a couple of things:

  • Aggie QB Stephen McGee transforms into Tom Brady when he faces the ‘Horns (After being an embarrassment to the position of quarterback for most of the year, McGee almost hit the 400 yard mark today)
  • UT QB Colt McCoy has not been the same since that fateful day last year in Manhattan, Kansas
  • The Longhorn D is S-C-A-R-E-D of beefy Aggie tailback Jervorskie Lane and makes the other Aggie tailback Mike Goodson look like Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson
  • UT DB Marcus Griffin is not his brother
  • Greg Davis is still Texas’ Offensive (‘offensive’ being the key word) Coordinator and there is probably a reason why Steve Spurrier dubbed Mack Brown, “Mr. Football”.

I’m not a football coach but if giving the rock to Jamaal Charles is fetching you 6 to 7 yards per play why not keep feeding him the ball?

Why rely on a quarterback (McCoy) who plays scared against the Aggies?

Was it not obvious that the Ags were going to fake that field goal?

I’ll stop with the “analysis” (you can actually read a pretty good one here) for fear that I’ll wallow in the stupor that is losing to the in-state rivals.

And yes I have a feeling my co-worker (among others) is going to make me eat crow…