OU Relegates UT to Big 12 Cellar with Clutch Performance

Though Texas did lose against the Sooners today, I must say that they put up a better fight than I thought they would.

If only Texas coach Mack Brown (below) would drop a “The Sooners were who we thought they were… And we let them off the hook…” line at the postgame press conference…

I feel your pain Mack…

Nevertheless, OU beat Texas 28-21 in today’s Red River Rivalry (used to be Shootout but I guess that’s not politically correct anymore).

As a UT fan/alum I’ve come to the realization that this year might be a down year in Austin. Being a student during the tail end of the Mackovic era, I’ll take 10, 9 or even 8 win seasons as down years. I suppose this shows how far Coach Brown has brought this program.

Some thoughts from the game:

  • Bob Griese is not the best color analyst but his “Texas is tight ending Oklahoma to death” line was very colorful
  • Texas RB Jamaal Charles is not being utilized in a way which takes advantage of his blazing speed and inability to hold on to the ball in crucial situations
  • Mack Brown needs to pick Urban Meyer’s brain on how to use 2 talented quarterbacks in an efficient and productive manner
  • Newsflash: Texas’ Linebackers got abused today by the Sooners
  • Texas tight end Jermichael Finley is a beast and will play on Sundays
  • Missing: Limas Sweed
  • At some point Texas Offensive Coordinator Greg Davis is going to have to be held accountable for his atrocious play-calling
  • After this game, Texas might be unranked for the first time in a long time

Acting White

Some of Jesse Jackson’s recent comments,“Jesse Jackson: Obama’s ‘acting like he’s white'”, brought back some memories from high school and yes even college.

In my high school, there were some so-called Mexicans/Hispanics (I say so-called because most of them weren’t actually born in the countries of our parent culture) who accused me and other Mexicans of “acting white” (the fact that we are considered Caucasian was lost on them).

What they meant by that was: actually giving a flip about education and trying to get into college.

As if going to college was only something “white” people do. Went to college and thought these type of comments were over and done with. I was mistaken.

While at Texas I decided to take a Mexican-American Studies course to satisfy a non-science writing component requirement. Some of my classmates (class size = 15 or so) were pretty gung-ho about the “oppression” and “injustice” inflicted upon Mexicans by the white “hegemony” (a favorite word of amateur and professional “victims”).

In college I was accused of “acting white” again by so-called Mexicans (not only were they not born in México, they could hardly speak any Spanish, go figure).

While their reasoning was different than that of the folks from my high school, it wasn’t any better.

In college, I was accused of “acting white” because I didn’t make it my life goal to see “oppression” behind every bush on the 40 Acres, and because I had a white girlfriend (I eventually married a “white” woman so I guess I’m not keeping it real).

This not to say, that the University of Texas campus isn’t voluntarily segregated, don’t folks usually feel more comfortable around others like them?

Racism still exists no question about it, but who else but a bigot would accuse someone of “acting white”?

Does Vince Young have any Eligibility Left?

Stewart Mandell’s latest column, “Horns unhooked:Texas is missing Vince Young-type leadership”, examines some of what could be wrong with the Longhorns. Their on-field issues were laid bare for all to see in the game against K-State.

I’m afraid they will be even more exposed this Saturday against OU, as we might see a blowout.

Actually found another pic of a young Sooner fan in tears, thought I post it since after Saturday, us Texas fans will be the ones doing the crying.ou-crying-kid-2.jpgNow, now little guy it will all be better after Saturday.