The Last Time Texas lost to Baylor was in…


During the administration of this nation’s first black President (at least according to Toni Morrison).

I was there at the Erwin Center utterly flummoxed and struck with awe as Baylor center Brian Skinner (below on the right) did his best Lew Alcindor impression.


No, that is not a ‘roided up Steve Urkel

Well, Mr. Skinner headed for greener pastures when he was drafted by the Los Angeles Clippers (well maybe not greener) in the 1st round of the 1998 NBA Draft (22nd pick overall).

Not coincidentally, Baylor hasn’t beaten Texas since.

That’s 23 games in a row, including tonight’s nail-biter at Waco,

No. 11 Texas beats Baylor for 23rd straight time

For a recap, click here.

I actually saw Brian Skinner a couple of years ago at a local Party City. He’s still hanging around the NBA, this year he returned to the team that drafted him.

Here’s hoping that his 10-year NBA career is not characterized by this picture from his Milwaukee Bucks days in which he just got posterized by the only man in the NBA who is allergic to dunking the ball (Yao had to bathe in Benadryl after this thunderous dunk),