Given the current (not to mention hopelessly stagnant) political climate in this nation, it seemed good to share the views (on politics) of two of my favorite columnists.

First up is noted sports columnist Jason Whitlock, who in this column, penned the following (emphasis mine),

Let me make one thing clear: I am neither Republican nor Democrat, liberal nor conservative. I abhor politics because of its inherent untruthfulness. I have never participated in the political process. Never. I don’t share that with a great deal of pride. I’ve just found it impossible to participate in a process that is directly opposed to truth.

Then there is this random thought from distinguished economist and author Thomas Sowell (emphasis mine),

Human beings are going to make mistakes, whether in the market or in the government. The difference is that survival in the market requires recognizing mistakes and changing course before you go bankrupt. But survival in politics requires denying mistakes and sticking with the policies you advocated, while blaming others for the bad results.

What do you think about their words?

Thomas Sowell’s Not So Random Thoughts

Judging by the number of people that come to this blog by searching for “Thomas Sowell Random Thoughts”, I gather that folks like to read his work.

The man, the myth, the legend

His latest column, “The Vision of the Left”, is a jewel.

Can it be anything else when the opening paragraph goes like this,

Conservatives, as well as liberals, would undoubtedly be happier living in the kind of world envisioned by the left.


Thomas Sowell’s Random Thoughts

Check out this week’s Random Thoughts from Dr. Sowell, a couple of samples:

I wonder what radical feminists make of the fact that it was men who created the rule of “women and children first” when it came to rescuing people from life-threatening emergencies.

It is hard to get the supporters of Barack Obama to give a coherent reason for their support. The basis for their support seems to be guilt, gullibility or– in the case of some conservatives– a hatred of John McCain.

Good stuff…

Rudy vs. Hillary, What Could Have Been…

Given the 3 horse (the number is down to 2, depending on who you ask) race that the 2008 election has become, Mr. Giuliani has not been heard from lately. If not for his recent schmoozing of the Democrat front-runner, Mr. Edwards would be in the same boat.

Leave it to Thomas Sowell to remind that Rudy once was a viable candidate,

Whoever said that overnight is a lifetime in politics knew what he was talking about. Just 6 months ago, the big question was how Hillary and Giuliani would do against each other in this year’s presidential elections.

The above is from Dr. Sowell’s latest version of Random Thoughts.

Give a Little Bit… or Not

In his latest column, “Stop ‘Making A Difference'”, Thomas Sowell expresses his irritation with such “mindless mantras of our time” such as “making a difference” and “giving back.”

A sample,

Among those who make a difference by serving food to the homeless, how many have considered the history of societies which have made idleness easy for great numbers of people?

Based on Sowell’s tone, one would think that he’s criticizing even such an apparently noble act as feeding the hungry.

Yet, given the fact that God is not fooled by externals, what credit is it to us in His eyes if we perform charitable acts only so we can glorify ourselves?

None whatsoever.