The Vatican Commits Cardinal Sin

Back in college, I knew a guy who was a huge Beatles fan. On numerous occassions, I cheekily compared the Fab Four to a then-upstart Oasis. If looks could kill, his glare would have rendered me asunder.

Of course I made the comparison in jest because let’s face it, Oasis is nothing more than a Beatles tribute band with “original” material.

Which leads us to the Vatican’s cardinal sin, likening Oasis to the Be-uhls. At least according to the following slideshow (see slide #5):

Vatican’s Top 10 rock albums

In case you’re wondering, here are the Vatican’s top 10 albums to have in case you’re shipwrecked:

1. Revolver by the Beatles
2. If I could Only Remember My Name by David Crosby
3. The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd
4. Rumours by Fleetwood Mac
5. The Nightfly by Donald Fagen
6. Thriller by Michael Jackson
7. Graceland by Paul Simon
8. Achtung Baby by U2
9. (What’s the story) Morning Glory by Oasis
10. Supernatural by Carlos Santana

My only question is, where’s Sinéad O’Connor? If you remember, Ms. O’Connor wasn’t too kind to a picture of Pope Benedict’s predecessor,

How many Hail Mary’s do you get for ripping up the Pope’s picture? Or do you just get to sit in timeout?

Cheeky Heron Channels Ozzie Guillen

Pfft! Please… — Chicago White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen

If the heron in the following picture could talk it would undoubtedly drop a line very similar to Ozzie’s,

Ran across this wader’s story over at London paper, The Daily Mail. This tabloid-like publication is a em, daily online stop for yours truly for a variety of reasons, odd stories like the one above being one.  Another reason is to get my daily celeb fix, yeah it’s a guilty pleasure…

Speaking of the Daily Mail, despite listening to the Beatles’ Paperback Writer numerous times, it wasn’t until this morning on my way to work that I realized that Lennon/McCartney managed to work in a shout out to the Daily Mail,

It’s the dirty story of a dirty man
And his clinging wife doesn’t understand.

His son is working for the Daily Mail,
It’s a steady job but he wants to be a paperback writer,
Paperback writer.

According to that most reputable and credible of sources, Wikipedia,

The Daily Mail was Lennon’s regular newspaper and was often in the studio when The Beatles were writing songs.

Who knew?