High Doltage: Guarantees in Sports


This post is in honor of all those souls who have guaranteed a victory in sports. From athletes such as Steelers’ safety Anthony Smith who predicted his team would beat the New England Patriots, and my brother in Christ, Lions QB Jon Kitna who guaranteed his squad would post 10 wins this season.

To fans such as yours truly who in August (yeah August) informed an Aggie co-worker that the ‘Horns would “kill” the Aggies the day after Thanksgiving (oops!).

Mr. Smith forgot that he’s a backup DB, Kitna forgot that he plays for the Lions and I forgot that Greg Davis is still the Longhorns’ Offensive (this being the operative term) Coordinator.

Found this article titled,
“The Life of Guarantors”

Texas A&M-Nebraska will not be Televised

On Versus, CSTV, FSN, TBS, ESPNU, ESPN19, or even on pay-per-view.

Who could have imagined that this matchup would not be televised nationally on ABC?

I suppose it’s a sign of how far these 2 tradition-rich programs have fallen from prominence, thanks to their embattled and seemingly hapless head coaches.

Ironically enough, Coach Fran needs to institute the old-school Nebraska Option Attack at A&M to have any shot to win the Big 12 South. That same system which Callahan (some say arrogantly) did away with in favor of his complex NFL-style offense.

I wonder what Frank Solich is thinking right about now?

To add insult to injury, the UT-Nebraska game was picked up by ABC.