President Clinton pulls a Jesse Jackson

I believe congratulations are in order for President Clinton. He went over there to North Korea, had a chat with comrade-in-chief Kim Jong Il (below in puppet form)kim jong il and convinced the leader of one of the world’s last worker paradises (another being Cuba) to release 2 American citizens sentenced to 12 years of hard labor for entering North Korea illegally.

Maybe it was Slick Wilie’s chuminess with the regime that allowed him to hop on a bird, land, have some tea and perhaps promise more nuke baking technology in exchange for the 2 women.

Whatever the case maybe, this whole episode reminds me of the time Jesse Jackson went to Yugoslavia to meet with Yugoslav President, Slobodan Milošević. Jackson ended up securing the release of 3 U.S. POWs who were being held hostage by the Milošević regime.

What sticks most in my mind is what comedian par excellence Chris Rock said about Jackson’s trip to the Balkans.


Jesse’s all right. Jesse went over there, Jesse got them hostages… He went over there with no money, no sweet potato pie. What did Jesse say? Jesse must’ve been, like: ”Do you want the United States to really be mad at you? ‘Give the hostages to me.'”