The New Kryptonite


That’s right, Vicks VapoRub will do to toenail fungus what kryptonite does to the Man of Steel. What Will Muschamp does to offenses throughout the land, but I digress…

According to this piece in the New York Times, rubbing your infected toenail(s) once or twice a day with Vicks VapoRub will em, rub Digger(below) out of your life.


That screen shot is one of the greatest moments in the history of television advertising.

Even Vince Young Lays the Occasional Egg

Here are Vince Young’s stats in Tennessee’s win over the Atlanta Falcons today:
PASSING [20/33, 157 yards, 3 Interceptions]

RUSHING [8 attempts for 27 yards, 0 Touchdowns]

In a word, UGLY, but just goes to show that even Superman (below) has bad days.

He might want to treat the Titans’ defense to dinner for the next week after today’s game.

By the way, VY’s record as a starter: 11-6

Wins, the only stat that matters.