Texans Drop a Deuce on Opening Day

[Disclaimer: Yes I know it is only one game]

Well technically since the mascot is a bull, I guess they dropped a cow patty.

Boy, what a pathetic excuse for an NFL team the Houston Texans have been in the 8 years of their miserable existence. It seems that year in, year out we see the same story played out here in H-town. This is from last year’s opener:

The Texans Train Wreck Begins…

Every off-season the local sports radio crowd, especially on Sportsradio 610, do their best to hype up the Texans. Couldn’t be because they’re the official radio home of the Texans, could it? Nah…

Most, if not all, of the hosts have the Texans in the playoffs. To quote the always personable Jim Mora, “Playoffs?!?” In all fairness that could still happen, but hard to see with the way the team threw up all over themselves yesterday.

Every year, most of the “long-time” Texans fans in our fair city get their hopes up only to have them come crashing down in a most spectacular manner after witnessing the season opener.

Leading the idealistic charge are the grown men who paint their mugs like so many clowns and make spectacles of themselves at Reliant Stadium, as chronicled here and here:

Texans Fan

Karren Warren – Houston Chronicle

Last year it was the Steelers, yesterday it was the New York Jets, who oh by the way trotted out a rookie starting quarterback, who for now, dashed the dreams of a frustrated fan base, which actually booed the Texans during the game yesterday.

As I did last year, I’ll leave the commentary to the local experten.

One thing begs to be pointed out, it’s not that the Texans lose but how they lose and that for the past 8 years, they’ve lost for the same reasons: jittery QB play, a timidity to rushing the opposing QB and last but certainly not least, an offensive line that is allergic to protecting the quarterback.

The latter was in plain view yesterday, especially when Jets’ Nose Tackle Kris Jenkins shoved aside Texans’ center Chris Myers as if he were filled with straw.

I don’t know, maybe we all should have seen yesterday’s joke of a game coming, given what happened the day before to the mascot of the University of Virginia. The same university Texans QB Matt Schaub attended.

Matt Schaub

Karren Warren – Houston Chronicle

The position Schaub assumed above was also assumed by his alma mater’s mascot, “CavMan”, after the latter was literally thrown off his horse. Here’s the vid:

Here’s to another grand season from your Houston Texans!