I Don’t Like Change

I do like orange soda.

Whether it’s Crush, Fanta, Joya, or Sunkist, if it’s carbonated and reflects visible light at wavelengths in  between 585 – 620 nm, I’m down.

The love affair with orange soda goes back as far as I can remember.  Of course, there is a hierarchy within the orange kingdom, and here’s how I grade them in order of enamel-eroding goodness:

  1. Sunkist (the consummate 5-tool player)
  2. Joya (the Mexican drink that would be King, IF it weren’t for the 40.5 mg of caffeine in every can of Sunkist)
  3. Crush (the glass bottles are quaint)
  4. Fanta (It’s aiite)

OK, so all this is just background information for the real thrust of this post.  The folks who sell Sunkist decided to change the venerable Sunkist Soda logo (below)


Yes, I’m aware that it really says “Sinkist” (click here for a nice write-up)

What has it been changed to?  This,


Yeah, I guess…

I know it’s their company and I’m just some random recalcitrant in the blogosphere, but was it really necessary?

Yeah, we can file this post under “there are bigger problems in the world than…”