Instead of taking a needed nap this afternoon, I decided to get ahead in next week’s reading of Institutes of the Christian Religion.

Today’s (it’s actually tomorrow’s) selection was from Book 1, Chapter 17, Sections 3-7. Chapter 17 is titled, “Use to Be Made of the Doctrine of Providence.”

This excerpt is from Section 6 (emphasis mine),

The chief aim of the historical books of Scripture is to show that the ways of His saints are so carefully guarded by the Lord, as to prevent them even from dashing their foot against a stone.

Therefore, as we a little ago justly exploded the opinion of those who feign a universal providence, which does not condescend to take special care of every creature, so it is of the highest moment that we should specially recognize this care toward ourselves.

Hence, our Savior, after declaring that even a sparrow falls not to the ground without the will of His Father, immediately makes the application, that being more valuable than many sparrows, we ought to consider that God proves more carefully for us.

As I read this, my wife drew my attention to something right outside our kitchen window. I saw it, grabbed our camera and took a couple of pictures, here’s one of them:


Coincidence? Ha!

Calvin, of course, is alluding to Jesus’ words in Matthew 10:29-31.