The New Face Of Tyranny

According to Merriam-Webster’s, tyranny is defined as,

oppressive power; especially: oppressive power exerted by government

I know that in these combative and hypersensitive times the word is thrown around by every which side of any political issue. When I think of tyranny I usually think of the “fat, pompous, bad-tempered, old tyrant” from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. However if recent allegations are to be believed this may be the new face of tryanny (well 3 faces but who’s counting?),

Yep, that’s right, a Christian chick band = tyranny. You can read the lurid and oppressive details here.

In summary, Barlow Girl was asked to perform at some concert for the troops. The concert was not mandatory and predictably 80 out of 100 soldiers decided not to attend. I don’t blame them, their music is not in my wheelhouse either. The trouble came when the 80 soldiers were confined to their barracks and (gasp!) ordered to clean it out. They were ordered, imagine that soldiers were ordered to do something, what is the Army coming to?

The soldiers felt they were singled out and dealt with differently because they chose not to attend the proselytizepalooza. Their cries were heard by something called The Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

Mikey Weinstein, the group’s president, lauded the courage of these soldiers in reporting such “egregious, unconstitutional religious tyranny”.  That’s rich…

At least they were given the option of not listening to average music crowned by piety-driven falsetto.  Sorry but I think they did these guys a favor, I would have much rather clean the barracks with a toothbrush than watch BG in concert. Like I said, not in my wheelhouse

As for Mr. Weinstein’s um, liberal use of the word “tyranny”, he would be much better served in applying it to actual examples of it.

To paraphrase Tito (below) yet another iteration of a cherished Hollywood stereotype, “Eef cleening barracks ees teeranny, chein mee to dee woll”

New Addition to the Blogs Section

A soldier recently left a comment in an old post,
Patriotism, an Introduction.

Come to find out that Joe (the soldier) has a blog here on WordPress,
Sandbox Adventures.

Here is the About page,

This is the story of one guy serving as a Soldier. Nothing more.

Shortly I’ll be going to the big sand box and decided to blog about the train up and deployment experience on this blog, thus the title “Sandbox Adventures”.

Knowing that the only thing I know is that I have no idea how this will all turn out, this blog makes for a great way to capture the emotions before, during, and after in real time and keep family and friends informed at the same time.

For security reasons, don’t expect to get a lot of updates on the war itself. Instead this will be more of an introspective look at a journey 1.6 million of my closest friends have already taken and how my feelings and perspectives compare to theirs.

I welcome your thoughts, comments, prayers and debate. Thanks for reading.


Go check out Joe’s blog and thank him for his service.