New Addition to the Blogs Section

A soldier recently left a comment in an old post,
Patriotism, an Introduction.

Come to find out that Joe (the soldier) has a blog here on WordPress,
Sandbox Adventures.

Here is the About page,

This is the story of one guy serving as a Soldier. Nothing more.

Shortly I’ll be going to the big sand box and decided to blog about the train up and deployment experience on this blog, thus the title “Sandbox Adventures”.

Knowing that the only thing I know is that I have no idea how this will all turn out, this blog makes for a great way to capture the emotions before, during, and after in real time and keep family and friends informed at the same time.

For security reasons, don’t expect to get a lot of updates on the war itself. Instead this will be more of an introspective look at a journey 1.6 million of my closest friends have already taken and how my feelings and perspectives compare to theirs.

I welcome your thoughts, comments, prayers and debate. Thanks for reading.


Go check out Joe’s blog and thank him for his service.