Frank Costanza Pays Lane Kiffin’s Buyout

I’m not here to lambast former Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin (below on the right), now head man at USC. Tell me who amongst you wouldn’t leave your current gig for a better paying and more prestigious one?

No, that’s not the Crypt Keeper scowling behind Kiffin

Can’t fault the man for leaving UT the Lesser and going to a place with sunnier skies and more teeth per capita than Knoxville, Tennessee.

I can’t even fault him or his staff for luring recruits away from Rocky Top and towards SoCal. Sure UT the Lesser fan is bent out of shape and whining about the unethical nature of Kiffin’s departure and antics. How comical is to watch any SEC fan complain about ethics in anything much less in college football recruiting, but I digress.

No, I’m here to marvel at the mountain of keish it took to buy out Mr. Kiffin’s Tennessee contract: $7.5 million.

Fortunately for SC, it has have plenty of rich alumni who are more than willing to foot that bill. In this particular case, the money man was Lakers owner Jerry Buss (below). Yes, that’s the same man who gave the world the gift of that keeps on giving, Festivus.

“Are you saying you want a piece of me?!?”

If anyone gets a clip of Lane Kiffin attempting to pin his benefactor during the Feats of Strength, please do share.

(Photo Credit: AP)

Legalism: An Equal Opportunity Employer

Let me preface this by saying that many of my fellow Christian countrymen have no idea what an “evangelical” is or are aware that they fall under this umbrella, but I must use the term for simplicity’s sake.

No booze for you!

For some reasons, it has become endemic for Mexican evangelicals to refuse booze with the battle of cry “Soy Cristiano” [“I’m a Christian”], a proclamation that is received with jeers questioning the sexual orientation of the teetotaler. The implication of the “battle cry” is that one of the marks of the Christian is teetotalism. Of course, that’s not the case. CS Lewis correctly, though not politically, remarks that:

Mohammedanism, not Christianity, is the teetotal religion.

Now, there are Christians who do abstain from alcohol and we have our reasons for it. However to go around telling others to do the same would be legalism. It is equally egregious to make teetotalism a mark of a Christian. Again I must use Lewis’ words here,

One of the marks of a certain type of bad man is that he cannot give up a thing himself without wanting every one else to give it up. That is not the Christian way.

The following story brought all this to mind: “Veiled Muslim woman says Texas shopkeeper turned her away”, why?

Because of the words of the rejected woman: “We’re Muslim; this is the way we dress…”

So does it mean that a Muslim woman who doesn’t cover her face is unchaste? Much like the assertion of certain legalistic Christians that anyone who lets alcohol touch their lips is committing a grave sin?

Legalism is an equal opportunity employer.

LeGarrette Blount’s Punishment and Our Society

Well the college football season started not with a whimper but with a sucker punch.  A sucker punch received by one knuckle head who kept talking junk and delivered by an even bigger knuckle head who lost his head.

Oregon’s star running back LeGarrette Blount delivered a shot to the face of Boise State’s Byron Hout after the Broncos defeated Blount’s Ducks last night.

Here’s a vid of the incident in all it’s vainglory:

While some are asking what Blount’s punishment should be, others are calling for his expulsion from the team.

For sure, Mr. Blount will be penalized in some form, though I’m not at the present concerned with the nature of said penalty.

What does interest me a great deal is the potential claim by New York congressman Charles Rangel (below) that the inevitable punishment leveled at Blount is driven by “bias” and “prejudice”.

“It’s outrageous, egregious, preposterous.”

Sound loony?  Well it might not be as far-fetched as one might think:
Rangel Plays Race Card, Says Obamacare The Victim

UPDATE: BLOUNT HAS BEEN SUSPENDED BY THE UNIVERSITY OF OREGON FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON. Your move Charlie… Here is some speculation you can work with:

Twitter tweets claim Boise State’s Hout did use N-word to Oregon’s Blount

The Maverick

Maverick (n.) – an independent individual who does not go along with a group or party

If one were to ask some of our most politically minded individuals (or Sarah Palin) to name the first person who comes to their mind after hearing this word, the tabulated answer would probably be this man:

Meanwhile, others who are not so politically wired might name either one of the 2 gentleman here:

Not into movies? Then you might drag Brett Favre into the conversation (I hope the recent allegations levied against him are not true).

As for me, a blogger just trying to get a hit (get your mind out of the gutter), I wouldn’t go with any of the aforementioned people.

Who do I think of when I hear “maverick”? Larry David (below).

I think of Mr. David only because my “maverick” bears a striking resemblance to the Seinfeld (this show is so good that it made me like NYC) co-creator.

My “maverick” (let’s call him “Larry”) rides my commuter bus in the morning. Everyday, “Larry” makes use of our converted charter bus’ ventral luggage compartment by cramming his 10-speed in there.

Inevitably, people stare at him through the whole process. Even people who see him do this day in and day out, I’m guilty as charged.

People from all walks of life stare at him, from the suburbanites cocooned inside the bus to the homeless dudes who gather at “Larry’s” Med Center stop (Fannin at McGregor).

So why’s “Larry” a maverick? Because despite the hushed whispers and incredulous looks from fellow passengers (he makes us all late to work) and homeless people (their “c’mon man!” glares betray the fact that they all think he’s crazy), “Larry” keeps keepin’ on by making his bike every bit the commuter that he is.

So here’s to you, Ler and your maverick spirit, Dallas Maverick owner Mark Cuban’s got nothing on you.

[this post is dedicated to a true bike commuter, my fellow blogger, Jason K]

Angelina Jolie’s Old Man on Barack Obama

Actor Jon Voight is perhaps more famously known for:

  1. Siring Angelina Jolie (the one on the left)
  2. EPA

  3. Being written into a Seinfeld episode in which George Costanza is made to think he bought Voight’s 1989 LeBaron convertible (hilarity ensued)

Yet after writing this piece, My concerns for America, he might be known as an actor who breaks the mold in the political sense.

He does not have a high opinion of Senator Obama’s presidential potential. Doesn’t Mr. Voight know that Mr. Obama wears Asics and hung out with the UT football team?

All funny business aside, Mr. Voight’s column is definitely worth a read.