Star Wars Rock Band

It was but a fortnight ago that it was proclaimed on this blog, that Baby Mangino was the “greatest thing in the history of this or any other week”.

Well, that may very well still hold, but the mustached one may have some serious competition, check this action out:


For those of you scoring at home, that’s back-to-back Star Wars posts.

Star Wars Jerseys

From the first time I witnessed Imperial walkers bearing down on the Rebel base on the frigid planet of Hoth, and El Malo (below) lop off his own kid’s hand, the Star Wars universe has captivated me.

darth-vader“Friends, Jawas, Countrymen, lend me your ears…”

It can be safely assumed that I was perhaps one of a select group of people on planet Earth who prior to the release of Episodes I-III wondered how George Lucas was going to work Solomahal into the Clone Wars storyline.

For you casual fans, Solomahal was one amongst the bevy of aliens in the Cantina scene of Episode IV.

All that being said, there is such a thing as going too far in one’s devotion to the Star Wars franchise. Yes folks, even this fan of that ancient and distant galaxy thinks that one can go above and beyond what is deemed sane.

For example, dropping $207,000 on the lightsaber used by Luke Skywalker in Episodes 4 and 5 would be going too far.

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Luke and Leia: Ignorance is Bliss

My apologies to my fellow wordpresser who introduced me to this poster. I cannot credit you because I cannot remember your blog’s name.

And Now the Rest of the Story: Star Wars Wedding

The other day I posted a picture of proof positive of human devolution* (see “Provide the Caption: Star Wars-Themed Wedding“).

Well in case anyone is pining for the story behind this sordid affair, here she is:

May the force be with… I do: The Star Wars fans and their out-of-this-world wedding

Hey at least the cake was cool:

*In all fairness to the participants, a few years ago, a variation of this disaster would have been my dream wedding. I would have gone with the Djas Puhr look (below),

while forcing (no pun intended, after all Herr Puhr was force-sensitive, ability 4 baby!) my bride to gear up in the gown worn by Princess Leia at the end of a New Hope (so sue me for being a purist).