It’s a good thing Manny Ramirez didn’t shove Joe Horn…

Back in November of last year a Pasadena (Texas) man, Joe Horn, gunned down 2 men who were burglarizing his neighbor’s house. Given the ethnicity (Hispanic) of the 2 (now dead) burglars, much controversy and protesting followed. In fact the outrage followed Mr. Horn to his home, where people protested his actions (and perhaps his right to live).

Mr. Horn is either viewed as a hero or as just another example of a bloodthirsty white man unloading his cruelty (and racism, let us not forget that one!) on defenseless and unassuming minorities. For better or for worse these camps divide along ‘racial’ lines.

Yesterday, Mr. Horn was cleared of any wrongdoing, here’s the story from the Houston Chronicle,

Joe Horn cleared by grand jury in Pasadena shootings

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