Unanswered Prayers and the Prosperity Gospel

So I’m sitting on the bus on the way to work when a woman sits next to me. Turns out she is a sister-in-Christ. After identifying one another as Christians, she revealed to me that she was in seminary.

Go Metro!

She was telling me about the things she was learning there and how blessed she had been by them. It’s good to hear testimony like this, I thought. One of the things she learned was that if you need something (in her case a car) all you have to do is ask God for it and He’ll give it to you.

Of course, the implication is clear that if He doesn’t then you don’t have enough faith (a favorite text is Matthew 17:20). A lack of faith is the cause of unanswered prayer.

It became evident that she was being instructed by a seminary awash in the so-called Prosperity Gospel.

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Paula White needs Prayer

In his latest column, “Paula White’s Desperate Moment”, Paul Edwards describes a radio interview he conducted with televangelist Paula White.

From the column,

Paula White is a well-managed image worth millions of dollars. Behind that image, however, is a real person, a wounded and broken human being, who lives in fear of being exposed. Paula White revealed how broken she is when she used her dying daughter as a desperate cover to protect her well managed image.

It’s not only her daughter that needs our prayers. It’s Paula White as well.

Regardless of her faulty theology (if it can even be called theology), we should not cease to pray for folks like Mrs. White.