World Oldest Tree Clocks in at almost 10K

Caught the following story and it piqued my interest:
“Swedish researchers find world’s oldest living tree”

Prior to reading the story I felt sorry for the (forgive the phrasing) poor sap that had to count all the rings. But little did I know that carbon dating was used to date the 9.550 year-old spruce (I wonder if it’s related to Treebeard?)

I’m not a dendrologist nor do I play one on this blog, but does a tree that old have thousands of rings in its trunk?

If 10,000 years could be accurately counted using a tree’s growth rings, what would Bishop Ussher, the man who calculated the day of Creation sometime in October of 4004 B.C., have to say about that?

Well we know what another erudite and wizened (though fictional) creature might say, “When 9,000 years old you reach, look as good you will not!”

New Favorite Line: “The Pudding May Have Been Over-Egged”

In light of recent revelations that American Idol finalist David Cook currently has an album out, I thought I’d drudge this story out from the proverbial archives.

“Is the Britain’s Got Talent choirboy REALLY a bullied kid from a sink estate? His mother admits: ‘The pudding may have been over-egged'”

Forget the story, which is almost inconsequential at this point, the truly priceless tidbit is the mother’s quote regarding the embellishments within,

The pudding may be been over-egged

Is there anyone who does colloquialisms better than the Brits?