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A man who rose to fame covering Bob Marley songs and riding the coattails of Lauryn Hill’s amazing voice will probably be the next President of Haiti. Why? Because Presidential elections there probably have the same student-council election vibe that they do here in the ‘States.

Hey, if the good ol’ U.S. of A can elect a man with zero executive experience to the land’s highest office on the strength of his ability to give a speech and celebrity status, who are we to tell Haiti they can’t do the same? Sean Penn, of all people, questioned Wyclef’s motives. The musician tried to allay Penn’s concerns by saying,

I just want Sean Penn to fully understand I am a Haitian, born in Haiti and I’ve been coming to my country ever since (I was) a child. He might just want to pick up the phone and meet, so he fully understands the man.

Oh, OK that should make Spicoli feel a lot better.

America’s sweetheart has converted to Hinduism. So America’s most beloved hooker is now a Hindu while her white trick in shining armor is a Buddhist. In the words of the often imitated but never duplicated Darth Vader, “The circle is now complete”.

I hope none of my ancestors came back as the oysters that produced those pearls

Next time you think about using your car horn when you’re in H-town, consider this.

A federal judge’s decision to strike down California’s Proposition 8 should encourage polygamists nationwide to push for the legalization of their chosen way of life.

The Guardian interviews Tariq Aziz.

Could this be a viable alternative? I smell cow manure, oh wait…

There are throwbacks whose idea of a good time is the beheading of infidels and there are throwbacks whose idea of a swell time differs just a tad.

Texas is #4 in the preseason Coaches’ poll? Methinks that’s a bit high considering it’s a “rebuilding” year…

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Often this topic is posed to proponents of gay “marriage”. The issue is posed by people (like me) who understand that once marriage is re-defined to whatever fallen humanity wants it to mean, then in the words of Kevin Garnett, “Anything is possible!”.

People marrying their pets, their siblings, their PS3’s, why not?

ABC’s John Stossel, one of the resident libertarians over at Townhall, wrote a piece on polygamy:
How Many Wives Is Too Many?

He interviews polygamists (no, they’re not Mormons) who are upset that this way of life they prefer is illegal here in the States. For example, polygamy activist Mark Henkel is quoted as saying,

Someone like a Hugh Hefner will have a successful television show with three live-in girlfriends! And that’s all OK, and he’s making great money, and that’s all fine and great entertainment. But suddenly, if that man was to marry them, then suddenly he’s a criminal. That’s insane!

Does he have a point? Now, Christians will object on Biblical grounds but Henkel has something for “religious leaders” as well,

If they’re saying that’s immoral, they’re calling the greatest heroes in the Bible … immoral! … Saying that Abraham, with his three wives, was immoral. Jacob had four wives. David had seven known named wives before Bathsheba.

Of course, Henkel is mistakenly assuming that God approved of these men’s deviation from His plan: one man, one woman.

Stossel’s column brings up several questions:

  • Why is polygamy still illegal?
  • Should it be legalized so long as it takes place between consenting adults?
  • Why doesn’t the media warm up to it as they do towards gay “marriage”?
  • Would it help if gay polygamy was thrown in?