Ben Shapiro Hits the Nail on the Head

One of the things that was hyped up in this recent election was the newfound enthusiasm of youth towards Barack Obama the political process.

Cue the music:


I was personally told that it was exciting to see so many young people voting and caring about the direction their country would be taking in the next 4 years.

That’s good and all but are the folks who waxed poetic about all this aware that no good has come out of youth-fueled political movements? While it is not a given that age brings wisdom, for the most part it can be said that age does bring valuable experience. What is done with that experience is, of course, at the mercy of human nature/depravity.

These thoughts swirled around in my head, then I ran across this column by 24-year-old (gasp!) Ben Shapiro:

The Sheer Idiocy of Following Youth Movements

He lists several historical examples (Hitler Youth, Soviet Communism, Maoism, etc) to back up his thesis.

Here’s how Shapiro closes it out,

Young people should be involved in politics — they should protect their interests. But they, like all other voters, should be expected to get informed, not just motivated; they, like all other voters, should be expected to learn about policy, not merely follow a leader.

And the rest of America should be expected to take the voting preferences of those who have never studied history, held a job, paid a bill, or built a family, with a large grain of salt.

Right on the head…