Absolut Indulges Mexicans’ Fantasy

In the following ad, Swedish vodka maker, Absolut, has indulged the fantasy of Mexicans the world over:

It should come as no surprise that the ad only ran in my native México. Click here to read more about the ad.  Forget the faux Mexican nationalism on the part of the Swedes, the most offensive part of this ‘map’ is that the U.S. resembles the state of Oklahoma.

This very week at work, someone asked me what México would have done with the riches subsequently found in Texas and California, oil and gold respectively. I replied, “The same thing PEMEX has done with the oil they’ve pumped out of the Gulf.”

By that I meant line their own pockets as well as those of the corrupt political culture endemic in my country without really helping matters for the average person.

Had to concede though, that honestly, who knows since México was never given the chance to do just that.

I do wonder if the Swedes realize that if their ad had become reality, they, along with most of the world, would be speaking either German or Japanese.  Probably not…