A Talking Dead Guy

I don’t watch South Park.

I used to watch South Park.

Haven’t felt compelled to do so for the past few years.

Not moralizing, just stating fact.

For moralizing, check out this bit from Time mag,

Is South Park the Most Moral Show On TV?

Interesting observation to say the least. I am not at this moment concerned with the validity/invalidity of the writer’s conclusion.

At the end of the article, the writer quotes some lines from the episode, words that are worth some commentary:

“I’ve made billions off of Christian ignorance for decades now!” brags Evil Mickey. “And do you know why? Because Christians are retarded! They believe in a talking dead guy!”

Well not really. Yes, we believe in a ‘guy’ that died. No, in the 3 days He was dead, His body did not produce speech. Of course, after He rose from the dead, He spoke, ate, and underwent a physical courtesy of Thomas, one of His disciples (see below)


Granted, if Jesus hadn’t risen from the dead, the Christian faith would be based on a lie and thus be worth as much as a pile of σκύβαλα. The Apostle Paul pointed this out circa 55 AD,

For if the dead are not raised, not even Christ has been raised; and if Christ has not been raised, your faith is worthless; you are still in your sins.

Then those also who have fallen asleep in Christ have perished. If we have hoped in Christ in this life only, we are of all men most to be pitied.

1 Corinthians 15:16-19, emphasis mine

Truly, there are many ‘talking dead guys’ (and gals) walking around.

Christian, when is the last time you respectfully spoke to any of them about the living hope you now have through Our Lord’s Resurrection?

For many of us, the answer to that question is as shameful as any episode of South Park.