Ohio University Football Player Wins Lottery, NCAA doesn’t throw a fit

According to this story, “Football player hits lottery numbers, wins $250,000”, lineman Mike Eynon became the envy of his Ohio University teammates.

Of course if Mr. Enyon played at Oklahoma or USC, most of his teammates would scoff at such a pittance since they would be receiving more from boosters (allegedly).

The shocking thing is that NCAA didn’t immediately sanction Ohio University for this (it’s not a violation to play the lottery).

As for his plans for the purse, Enyon intends to “pay off college expenses and donate a sum to his hometown church in Westlake.”

I wonder if the church will take the donation? I know that if Enyon went to Bethlehem Baptist Church (where Dr. Piper serves) they wouldn’t accept the donation, see the following article:

Don’t Play the Lottery for Me!