Imagine There’s No A/C…

It’s easy if you try. This fellow is even more idealistic than John Lennon, and based solely on “Imagine” that’s saying a lot.

♫ Some say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one ♫

Elsewhere around the Internets:

Forget false imprisonment, this momo should be locked up for uttering “Ironing is woman’s work”. Then in prison he can find out that gender roles get a tad blurry…

When an news item contains the phrase “Mexican Clown” it’s not going to be good and it isn’t.

Awesome article on Yankee Mariano Rivera, perhaps the best closer of all time and a seemingly model human being. I know he’s a Yankee but I just can’t bring myself to heap on him the same loathing I have for the rest of his teammates.

More World Cup fall out… Spain welcomes her heroes with style… Paul the Octopus wins something México will never win, a World Cup… Tell us how you really feel Johnny.

A study by the CDC? With collaboration from what, the state of Arizona? The goal of this study is laid bare for anyone willing to connect the dots, someone call Oliver Stone.

Next time you see a “metal detectorist” at the beach, give the man a wide berth.

[Photo Credit: Pixar]

Taylor Swift Takes a Picture with the Son of Toth

Confession:   I can’t name a single Taylor Swift song.

I knew who she was (the country singer who always looks like she’s about to sneeze) before Kanye West humiliated the poor girl before a national television audience. Kanye’s act that night, though earning him Presidential scorn, catapulted the man into “legend” status, particularly among the Swift Haters. Predictably his showmanship went viral, see here.

Well now, potentially, it is the affable Ms. Swift who might be in some hot water:

Taylor Swift in racism row after posing with fan wearing swastika daubed on shirt

And because we’re not exempt here at Last Row from succumbing to the occasional viral campaign (it is flu season), like a Yankee batter facing Cliff Lee, I just couldn’t lay off:

Taylor Swift

The Men In Blue Like Those Yankees

I know MLB wants the Yankees to get to the Series but this is ridiculous:


[Original photo credit: Robert Beck/SI]

This is the play in which third base umpire Scott McClellan (on the left, “donning” Yankee gear) made a call that made Don Denkinger blush.

Never fear, Doudou Diene is here!

OK, we can breathe easier in regards to the problem of racism here in the United States,
U.N. racism investigator to visit U.S. from Monday

According to the story, Mr. Diene*,

will…gather first-hand information on issues related to racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance

Not sure what this gentleman hopes to accomplish on this visit, which by the way starts today. What is he going to tell us? That racism exists in America? What else? Grass is green? Most of America doesn’t like the New York Yankees and Duke Basketball?

Isn’t it obvious that racism is alive and kicking especially now during our election cycle? You have whites that are not voting for Barack Obama only because he’s “black” and you have blacks who are voting for Barack Obama only because he’s “black”.

Of course, most people will only see the former case as an example of racism while the latter as an example of people supporting one’s own.

Mr. Diene’s trip might not be a total waste of time if he addresses the true root of the disease known as racism instead of merely the symptoms, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Also working against him is America’s typical blah attitude towards the U.N., which the article does note,

the United Nations has almost no clout when it comes to U.S. domestic affairs and is widely perceived by many as interfering.

*No relation to,

Andy Pettitte: Another Christian Hypocrite

As a member of the Christian Hypocrite Hall of Fame (you see I became a member the very same day I was baptized), I want to extend my congratulations to Andy Pettitte for living a hypocrisy-free life until the age of 35.

I am convinced that the folks who pay no mind to “religion” because of the hypocrisy of “religious people” merely throw such sop to salve their unbelief, and thus aiding in the unrighteous suppression of the truth evident to us all.

I’ve heard these types of folks before vehemently decry disgraced ministers, it’s somewhat more striking to hear such unrighteous indignation in Spanish (“Haber, pos no que no muy Cristiano?”).

Andy Pettitte (a devout Christian) was cited in the Mitchell Report as having used human growth hormone and recently owned up to using the banned substance (though at the time he used it hadn’t been banned yet by MLB). HGH is illegal unless prescribed by a doctor.

Should he have used it? Of course not, for it gave him an unfair advantage in his recovery from injury. Whatever spiritual retribution Mr. Pettitte may or may not deserve I believe, is God’s business and not ours, He is after all the Only One capable of judging.

As for legal consequences, can we not trust the earthly authorities?

The backlash against Pettitte started shortly after the report came out, for examples click here and here.

Strangely enough such reactions are the strongest when a Christian gives in to some temptation, imagine that. It must be because Christians are the only ones who are guilty of hypocrisy on a daily basis.

Of course, these arbiters of public justice conveniently forget the fact that the sin they take Pettitte to task for (hypocrisy) they also commit, but you see it’s OK in their case because they’re not Christians or perhaps don’t believe in sin.

Hypocrisy indeed…

The Boston Red Sox, “World Champions of the World!”


Ho-hum, so another big payroll MLB team cruises to yet another World Series title. After winning 2 World Series in 4 years, I don’t think the Sox can be classified under the “lovable loser” category in sports taxonomy. The Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Indians, and Houston Astros still qualify though.

Truth be told, I became a quasi-Red Sox fan prior to the ’86 World Series. That year in the NLCS, the New York Mets had broken the hearts of every Houston Astros fan (including myself) and so it became somewhat natural for me to root for their World Series opponent, the Boston Red Sox.

Rooting for the Sox was made easier by the collection of characters on the Mets. It’s not hard to root against a team with the likes of Strawberry, Gooden, Mitchell, and Backman. They also had a guy who is impossible to retire and thus a thorn on the opposing team’s side, for the ’86 Mets that was Ray Knight. Understand that this type of guy is a must on a team which the opposing fans find easy to dislike (Think Pyerzynski, Eckstein, Lemke, etc) but the home fans absolutely adore.

Since then, they’ve kind of been my favorite AL team, especially after the Yankees became the “evil empire”.

I felt Red Sox nation’s pain when that dribbler went between Buckner’s legs, when Grady Little listened to Pedro over common sense, and when Boone rocked a Wakefield dead duck special over the wall.  I “rejoiced” when they swept Houston’s nemesis the St. Louis Cardinals in ’04.

But can us non-Red Sox fans still root for them and above the Yankees, a team whose “evil empire” formula the Red Sox have adopted and probably perfected?

Not after winning their second title in 4 years and having the second highest payroll in MLB and thus in my view, shedding their lovable loser label.

However they’re still 20 or so world titles from catching Steinbrenner’s Yankees, so I guess this Astros fan’s AL rallying cry is still “Go Red Sox!”

Yankees Eliminated by Tribe


Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner is not a happy camper most of the time, but especially after tonight’s loss to the Indians.

I’m sure the Boss will be doing his best Queen of Hearts impersonation after realizing that all $216 million got him was exactly one playoff win and another first round exit from the post season. Ouch!

Like Her Highness said, “Someone’s head is going to roll for this…”