Colt McCoy Feels Kurt Warner’s Pain

First off, last night’s Super Bowl was simply amazing. It was the kind of game that us football fans pine for as a send off to a brutally long off-season. Though I was rooting for the Cardinals, major props to the Steelers on the win.

Especially to former Longhorn great, and current Pittsburgh nose tackle, Casey Hampton on winning his second ring. I actually met Mr. Hampton on Sixth Street a few years ago.

He was a mountain of a man then, and from the looks of it, he’s still growing (below).

If only the NFL could find me a helmet that fit…

Secondly, I’m fully aware that the college game is nothing like the pro game. There is much more (seemingly) at stake in the NFL than there is in college football, even at its highest level. So let that be established, that the NFL is vastly different than NCAA football.

This contrast is increased when one compares a regular season game (even if it’s between the #1 team and the #6 team) with the freakin’ Super Bowl, which I’m about to do.

For me, last night’s game picked a slowly-healing scab. Why?

Because I know how Arizona Cardinal fan felt at the end of the game.

I felt the same way last November 1st, when Colt McCoy drove the Longhorns the length of the field on a drive that culminated on a seemingly game-clinching touchdown against Texas Tech. Only to have the opposing QB and WR (Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree, respectively) make an eye-popping play to steal the win.

The loss cost the Longhorn a shot at the national title and will long fester in the soul of Longhorn Nation. Yes, it was not the Super Bowl but that doesn’t lessen the ‘pain’.

Last night, QB Kurt Warner seemingly led his Arizona Cardinals on a seemingly game-winning drive, ending in WR Larry Fitzgerald’s clutch 64-yard TD reception.

However, as in the Texas game, there was just enough time left on the clock to allow the opposing team to craft a dramatic game-clinching drive (Roethlisberger playing Harrell to Santonio Holmes’ Crabtree).

Here is a shot of Kurt Warner after the game, the agony on his face is manifest:

Brother Colt feels my pain

Texas 17, Virginia 16


Yes I know this ticket stub has seen better days, it suffered at the hands of an overzealous gate person.

We recently moved and as it sometimes happens you find stuff you forgot you had.

I found a bag of old ticket stubs from events I attended in years past. I scanned them and hope to create a series of posts.

This one is from my freshman year at Texas from a game which the ‘Horns won on a last second 50 yard field goal (against a treacherous Central Texas wind) as time expired by Phil Dawson (now with the Cleveland Browns).

This was my first thrill of many as a UT fan. This game also marked the first and last time I attended a UT football game alone, though after Dawson’s kick cleared the uprights I hugged a lot of people I didn’t know and probably never saw again at UT.

Notice the ticket price, anyone know how much this type of ticket would fetch now?

Texas A&M-Nebraska will not be Televised

On Versus, CSTV, FSN, TBS, ESPNU, ESPN19, or even on pay-per-view.

Who could have imagined that this matchup would not be televised nationally on ABC?

I suppose it’s a sign of how far these 2 tradition-rich programs have fallen from prominence, thanks to their embattled and seemingly hapless head coaches.

Ironically enough, Coach Fran needs to institute the old-school Nebraska Option Attack at A&M to have any shot to win the Big 12 South. That same system which Callahan (some say arrogantly) did away with in favor of his complex NFL-style offense.

I wonder what Frank Solich is thinking right about now?

To add insult to injury, the UT-Nebraska game was picked up by ABC.

Does Vince Young have any Eligibility Left?

Stewart Mandell’s latest column, “Horns unhooked:Texas is missing Vince Young-type leadership”, examines some of what could be wrong with the Longhorns. Their on-field issues were laid bare for all to see in the game against K-State.

I’m afraid they will be even more exposed this Saturday against OU, as we might see a blowout.

Actually found another pic of a young Sooner fan in tears, thought I post it since after Saturday, us Texas fans will be the ones doing the crying.ou-crying-kid-2.jpgNow, now little guy it will all be better after Saturday.