Baby Mangino

Yes, I know that the following picture of 6-month-old Bode Lubber’s flawless mimicry of Kansas football coach Mark Mangino has been floating around the ‘net since shortly after Halloween:


According to this story, the pic even made it on air on ESPN.

With all due respect to Mr. Moore’s blog, The Greatest Thing in the History of This Week, I think Baby Mangino might be the greatest thing in the history of this or any other week.

At least judging by the fact that I haven’t stopped laughing since early November.

In case you don’t know what Coach Mangino looks like, here he is posing with the Paul Bear Bryant College Football Coach of the Year:


Jones AT&T Stadium at its Best

The Texas Tech Red Raiders play their unique brand of football at some joint called Jones-AT&T Stadium. The stadium recently flooded and shots were taken.

Seizing the moment, some industrious soul put his Photoshop skills to work:

The pic (from disco tech! via shaggy bevo forums) deliciously cracks on Texas’ opponents, for example:

  • The Manginokrakken about to devour Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach’s pirate ship
  • The Aggie Corps of Cadets guy who forgot that Martika wrote a song about him.
  • Not sure who the flummoxed Aggie with the backward hat is, but the fact that he’s sporting his lid like that is funny enough, as for the bewilderment, that’s par for the course.
  • The Aggie (mid right) who thought that his truck was U-571, straight board shut!
  • Of course the Katrina looter, rocking a skullet of all things, with a Heineken in his back pocket making his alma mater proud is priceless, but…
  • Not nearly as priceless as Big Game (so-called) Bob Stoops about to eat his visor
  • Last, but certainly not least is the standard bearer for this masterpiece, the OU crying kid

And who says we’re not using technology to worthwhile ends?