The First Fists Open Up Friday Linkage

Three-fourths of the First Family hard at play on the Gulf Coast:

“What coast?  GULF COAST!”

The other fourth? She’s probably too busy focusing on her future presidency (a preview here) and has no time for such trivialities as putt-putt.

Here are the week’s links:

Residents of Sac-town, hide your kids, hide your wife, there are zebras on the loose… Mark Driscoll’s helpful  thoughts on Anne Rice’s departure from the shores of Christianity…  You gotta use Starbucks’ designated size names (Tall, Grande, Venti) or face getting the boot like this prof did…  Ann Coulter?  She’s complicated…  Chicharito made his Man U home debut last Monday and was greeted with “rapturous applause”… A Houston teenager is slain by a tag team consisting of a permanent resident and an undocumented alien, her uncle “would like to see what they’re doing in Arizona done here” so clearly, he must clearly be a racist…This week’s entry into the “Best Illustration of Romans 1:21-24”  sweepstakes.  A contest which unfortunately we have all submitted an entry to…

Government isn’t the Answer

I’m currently listening to Mark Driscoll’s sermon series on the enigmatic book of Ecclesiastes, a book which he claims is his favorite in the Bible. The book is brutally honest and shamelessly realistic.

Before the following post is seen as a screed against the “Change” movement that so defined the last Presidential election, let the record show that Driscoll preached this series back in 2003 when Dubya was allegedly telling Halliburton to back the Brinks truck (below) up to the White House loading dock.


[Photo credit:

Let the record also show that I’m not one of these folks who hole themselves up in some log cabin in Big Sky country hoarding an untold amount of automatic rifles and an even more untold amount of boxes of 7.62mm rounds. All the while waiting for U.N. paratroopers to descend from the spacious skies unto the amber waves of grain of these United States.

The relevant text is Ecclesiastes 5:8-9.

Here’s Driscoll’s take on it,

If you’re looking for change in the world, if you’re looking at reformation, if you’re looking at things getting better don’t put all your hope in goverment.

Vote, get involved, be active yes, but until God changes human hearts, all you’re going to be doing is rotating sinners through seats of authority, power and influence.

The change doesn’t come until people meet God so don’t be surprised when crooked people do crooked things.

Good Summary on Mark Driscoll

The man, the legend, Tim Ellsworth wrote a good and blessedly fair piece on the man hated by some, loved by others, the inimitable Mark Driscoll (below on the right).


No worries, Piper is about to turn the other cheek

A good excerpt from Tim’s post:

As an aside, the condemnation of Driscoll for his cussing is especially despicable. Driscoll has publicly repented of his former propensity to use vulgar language. If God can cast those transgressions as far as the east is from the west and remember them no more, what does it say about us when we insist on taking sins for which Christ died and of which Driscoll has repented and keep throwing them in his face?