Did the Mannequin Cause the Accident?

Anyone remember the movie, Mannequin? Mannequin Where that guy ends up hooking up with a mannequin who comes to life? Oh, and that mannequin was played by none other than Kim Cattrall?

Well a Houston motorist wishes that his mannequin had come to life, though not for romantic reasons. You see, this guy was using a mannequin to get in carpool lane without penalty. This kind of thing is dreamed up by many a commuter here in Houston who has to deal with the congestion endemic to our thoroughfares.

If you can pull it off everything is peachy, but if you rear-end a fellow car pooler then things aren’t so swell. Unfortunately, Metro police doesn’t consider a mannequin as an occupant, so this particular commuter was ticketed for “with excessive speed and unauthorized use of a high-occupancy vehicle lane.”

Here’s the story from the Houston Chronicle where you can see the picture of the confiscated mannequin and read the commuter’s excuse: Metro: HOV driver with mannequin causes wreck

On a side note here’s the last part of the story,

Metro Police Capt. Michael Raney said officers confiscate, on average, one fake person a month from motorists in HOV lanes.

The most common type is a baby doll strapped in a car seat. Among fake adults, males are more common than females, he said.

The agency issued 4,683 tickets last year for unauthorized use of the HOV lane. The fine can go as high as $200.

“It should be a real person that is alive and breathing,” Raney said of the HOV passenger requirement. “Infants in the womb don’t count.”

And yes, he’s heard that one too.

I know Captain Raney isn’t a doctor, but surely he must know that “infants in the womb” are real people and they’re alive and do breathe.