Texas Tech 39, Texas 33… Let the Blame Game Begin

Well, not here, not on this blog. Yes, your #1 Texas Longhorns were knocked off their precarious perch tonight by the feisty Texas Tech Red Raiders, but all is not lost.

Yes, I suppose it possible to place blame at the feet of UT’s coaching staff, offensive (and they were that) line, and of course true freshman safety Blake Gideon (below) who dropped a game-clinching interception. Blake, Asante Samuel feels your pain…

Gideon has to feel terrible right now but I hope that Blake understands that everything happens for a reason. He’s going to be a great player at UT, and he needs to shake this off.

We shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that no one in Longhorn Nation (or anywhere else) foresaw the heights to which the Texas Longhorns have climbed to this season.

For consolation, I recommend we all listen to the words of Coach Brown after the ‘Horns beat USC to win the 2005 National Championship:

Again, for expert analysis go to the folks over at Barking Carnival

Mack ‘N Cheese

UT head football coach, Mack Brown , is proving that it’s easy being “cheesy”
Brown up to his old (motivational) tricks for No. 1 Horns.

Ol’ Mack is rifling through his bag of motivational parlor tricks to motivate the ‘Horns and well, so far it seems to be working.  My beloved Longhorns are playing out of their minds and beyond this Orangeblood’s wildest expectations.

Let’s hope that Obi Brown’s Jedi mind tricks result in a repeat of this:

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves…

Next up: #6 Oklahoma State (I’ll leave the analysis to the experts)

Colt McCoy has Tebow’s Back


“I thank God for this opportunity…”

Those were Texas QB Colt McCoy’s (above) words before a national audience after leading his team to victory against rival Oklahoma.

Given the other worldly burden placed on Tim Tebow’s broad shoulders, perhaps Colt can help carry the burden in Simonesque fashion.

While an exhaustive and expert post-game report is sure to follow from the good folks over at Burnt Orange Nation, these are the thoughts of a random UT alum/fan watching this instant classic from the comfort of his home in Houston:

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Dr. Peter Venkman Haunts the 40 Acres

“Call it fate, call it luck, call it Karma, I believe everything happens for a reason.” — Dr. Peter Venkman

Yeah, I know that the UT-Arkansas game was a couple of weeks ago, but we’ve been behind with the posting.

That’s actor Bill Murray in Texas coach Mack Brown’s office (must have been hot in there). Dr. Venkman was in Austin that weekend for a film festival (Spike and Mike’s?). Read full story at the Wiz.

Maybe, the affable Murray chased out recent past Red River Rivalry ghosts:

  1. Quentin Griffin’s 6 TDs (2000)
  2. Roy Williams blasting Phil’s Son (2001)
  3. OU’s largest margin of victory against UT (2003)
  4. The shutout (2004)
  5. Jamaal Charles’ fumble at the 5-yard-line (2007)

Do We All Owe Merrill Hoge an Apology?

The Vince Young saga has been a hot topic here in Houston sports radio. To be honest, VY has been a topic since the Houston Texans decided not to draft the local product. That decision seems to have been the wise one given the fact that right now, Mario Williams seems to be a better NFL player.

I still think the Texans should have nabbed Young, but I say that as a myopic (literally) and unashamed Longhorn honk (that would have made me an instant Texans fan, to this day I refuse to drink the battle red Kool-Aid).

Right now, not only does VY not look like an NFL quarterback on the field, he is beginning to carry that off the field (he’s acting like a wide receiver there but that’s another topic).

It’s not a good sign when a grown man’s mom basically tells the media to back off her “baby boy” and starts throwing words around like “persecute”.

Heck, I’m waiting for Coach Fisher to go off on a Gundyian rant (“Come after me, I’m a man, I’m 50!”) Fisher would first put on a tutu and try out for the Kirov Ballet before doing that.

Lost in all this, has anyone asked a seemingly prophetic Merrill Hoge (below) about Vince Young lately? Remember Hoge took some major heat (especially from this knucklehead) during Young’s first NFL season for speaking disparagingly about Vince’s NFL potential.

“I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so”

[Insert joke about Titans hiding quarterbacks here]

Also lost in all this, is the inability of former stud offensive Longhorns football players (Ricky Williams, Cedric Benson, Kwame Cavil and now VY) to adjust to NFL life.

Is Mack a better master coddler than master recruiter? Hey, speaking of former Longhorns, how about LSU-killer Chris Simms and VY on the same team? What? They couldn’t give noted Red Raider Slayer Chance Mock a shot?

Major News: Applewhite might be coming back to the 40 Acres

Before there was Vince, there was Major.

Vince Young at Texas conjures up images of him effortlessly gliding past one defender after another.

Major Applewhite, whose helmet seemed to big for his head (see below), reminded us that the will to win can sometimes overcome a lack of natural abilities.

I was at UT when Major took over the reins of Greg Davis’ offense and used to see the red-headed one around campus, the guy just didn’t look like a football player but somehow he proved a winner on the field.

When Vince arrived on campus I was long gone, degree in hand, so the memories of Applewhite, for me anyway, burn brighter in my recollection.

If it hadn’t been for Mack Brown’s insistence on playing Phil’s son, Major might have taken the program to the national championship game against Miami back in ’01.

Many of us ‘Horns fans remember Phil’s son giving the game away with 5 INTs to the Colorado Buffaloes, only to have Major come in in relief and almost pull out the win, which would have vaulted the ‘Horns to a showdown with Miami in the national title game.

Now there is talk that after one year of being the offensive coordinator at Alabama, Major appears to be heading back to his alma mater to be the running backs coach. Scuttlebutt has him being the heir apparent to Mack once he leaves.

That would be Mage-uh…

Click here for a more well-reasoned and less effusive analysis of Major’s possible impact.

Almost 10 years of Mack Brown at Texas


This is the 3rd post in the “Ticket Stub” series (click here and here for the first 2).

This is the ticket stub from Mack Brown’s first game as head coach of THE University of Texas. The game was won easily by Texas, 66-36 and was for the most part not very memorable outside of being Brown’s first game at the helm.

Next year will be the 10th year of Mack’s tenure at the 40 Acres and while he has raised the program to national prominence, and even won a national title, questions still linger in regards to his ability to coach. That he is a fine recruiter as any is beyond question, but can he coach?

Without further ado I step aside to what I think is a well-written and accurate post on the Mack Brown Era at Texas,
“Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends”

Texas 30, Texas A&M 38

There is something to be said for making empty boasts (what other kind is there?) regarding one’s beloved college football team.

I remarked to an Aggie co-worker back in August that my ‘Horns were going to “kill” her Aggies come the day after Thanksgiving.

Boy is my face red (maroon?). Before making such a dumb statement I should have remembered a couple of things:

  • Aggie QB Stephen McGee transforms into Tom Brady when he faces the ‘Horns (After being an embarrassment to the position of quarterback for most of the year, McGee almost hit the 400 yard mark today)
  • UT QB Colt McCoy has not been the same since that fateful day last year in Manhattan, Kansas
  • The Longhorn D is S-C-A-R-E-D of beefy Aggie tailback Jervorskie Lane and makes the other Aggie tailback Mike Goodson look like Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson
  • UT DB Marcus Griffin is not his brother
  • Greg Davis is still Texas’ Offensive (‘offensive’ being the key word) Coordinator and there is probably a reason why Steve Spurrier dubbed Mack Brown, “Mr. Football”.

I’m not a football coach but if giving the rock to Jamaal Charles is fetching you 6 to 7 yards per play why not keep feeding him the ball?

Why rely on a quarterback (McCoy) who plays scared against the Aggies?

Was it not obvious that the Ags were going to fake that field goal?

I’ll stop with the “analysis” (you can actually read a pretty good one here) for fear that I’ll wallow in the stupor that is losing to the in-state rivals.

And yes I have a feeling my co-worker (among others) is going to make me eat crow…