Putin is Wild at Heart

As noted before, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is into overt displays of masculinity.

Tranquilizing tigers, manning monster trucks, fly fishing, flying fighter jets are but a few of the things Putin has done, and now we can add teaching judo to the list,
Macho Putin in yet ANOTHER display of masculinity as he releases ‘Let’s learn judo with Vladimir’ DVD

I think Volodya is ready for MMA

According to the story, Putin said,

‘Without sports, it’s impossible to speak of a healthy way of life, about the health of the nation as such,’ he said.

Good for the 56-year-old leader for choosing not to live a sedentary lifestyle, and it does make one wonder if someone slipped him a copy of John Eldredge’s Wild at Heart (below)

Unfortunately, people are still laughing at his surname in México…