Coach Wooden’s Nightly Prayer

Sports Illustrated’s Arash Markazi recently had the privilege to sit down with legendary basketball coach John Wooden and he reports on it in the following piece, “Breakfast with Coach Wooden”.

Here’s Wooden (on the left of course) with one of his most famous pupils, Bill Walton,


Markazi’s article contains the prayer which Coach Wooden says before falling asleep. Here it is,

The years have left their imprint — on my hands and on my face — erect no longer is my walk and slower is my pace. But there is no fear within my heart because I am growing old; I only wish I had more time to better serve my Lord. When I’ve gone to him in prayer he has brought me inner peace, and soon my cares and worries and other problems cease. He’s helped me in so many ways, he’s never let me down, why should I fear the future when soon I could be near his ground. Though I know down here my time is short, there is endless time up there and he will forgive and keep me forever in his love and care.