Christmas Poaching

[Disclaimer: The author is fully aware that for most people Christmas carries secular not religious significance]

Ours being a multicultural (in the good way) society, one can expect to run across folks who hold different beliefs or what not. There are Muslims and Jews who are given the opportunity to take time off work, sometimes even paid to do so, to observe their respective holy days.   After all, it’s all about the vinyl folks,


Fine and good, but it’s always been a curiosity that these same good people accept, without grumbling or complaining, the paid time off their company gives for Christmas.

How does that work? It’s probably the same rationale that grants smokers breaks so they can asphalt their lungs on company time…

Tatum Bell makes a Run for It

What a bizarre story that came out of Detroit. Former Oklahoma State stand out running back, Tatum Bell, (right, eluding Texas’ Michael Huff back in ’03) was cut by the Detroit Lions. He then decided to help himself to the luggage belonging to the man the Lions signed to replace him, Rudi Johnson.

See this story, “Lions RB Rudi Johnson says Tatum Bell took luggage”

Johnson had this to say in the piece,

“All this happened when he got released,” Johnson said. “He came in to get some stuff out of his locker and that’s when he scooped up the bags.”

One can’t fault Mr. Bell for being irate over losing his job. But C’mon man.

This whole story is strange but what’s stranger is that the other day during lunch we were discussing the experience of a former co-worker who had been let go by a previous employer.

Upon learning of his termination from the wonderful folks at HR, our co-worker was immediately escorted out of the facility by security types. Wasn’t even given a chance to gather his belongings.

Perhaps this policy might go a long way in preventing the Tatum Bells of the NFL from carrying out their alleged dastardly deeds…