I used to own NFL Quarterback Club ’99 for the N64 back in the day. Though Brett Favre graced the cover, it was then Houston Oiler Steve McNair who was the best QB in that game. Here’s an action shot of him before Bud took my beloved Oilers to Nashville,

Steve Mcnair

Getty Images

So maybe the game’s designers didn’t make ‘Air McNair’ the best passer, but he was unstoppable as a runner. If you were d’ing up on him, you had better bring the cavalry.

I remember playing with McNair’s digitized version and being able to convert 4th and long using his prodigious running abilities.

While much has been written about whether or not the circumstances of his death should ‘tarnish’ his legacy, I found the words of Houston Chronicle columnist, Richard Justice very poignant,

Listen, I don’t know what happened to Steve McNair. I don’t know what happened or why.

I just know that all of [us] live our lives in layers, that it’s hard to evaluate a living, breathing human with a single brush.

The Rant of an NFL Orphan

The NFL season is just around the corner and for many pro football aficionados it is a joyous occasion, it’s hard for this football fan to get too excited. Why?

I grew up in Houston and rooted passionately for the Oilers until Bud Adams uprooted them in 1996 and relocated the team to Tennessee. After my 4 years at Texas, the source of my football jones became my Longhorns.

Yes, the NFL came back to Houston in ’02 in the form of the Texans but it isn’t the same. It’s hard to have loyalty for a team which was founded during one’s adult years.

I certainly don’t wish the team ill, but it is difficult for me to get behind this team despite the seemingly faux enthusiasm of the “longtime” Texans fans here.

It’s blasphemous to say in this Texans’ town but it is far easier to root for the former Oilers, the Tennessee Titans. Especially since they have noted UT legend Vince Young.

As an NFL Orphan this is what I’m reduced to, cheering for individual players. For example Kurt Warner (Arizona Cardinals) for his character and unwavering faith, Tom Brady (New England) for his on-the-field greatness, Peyton Manning (Colts) for his dedication to his craft, Maurice Jones-Drew (Jaguars) for playing against the odds.

It’s almost like I’m reduced to a variant of Visa’s lame Olympics motto: Go World!