The Ubiquitous Chicharito Tops Friday Linkage

Mexico’s rising star and child of promise, Javier “Chicharito” (Little Pea) Hernandez is everywhere. Scoring goals against the World Champs in Azteca, off his face against Chelsea in the FA Community Shield Cup; gracing the front page of the Daily Mail’s football section under “Premier League Podcast” (below, second from left), and last but certainly not least residing in the lung of a senior citizen.

The kid hasn’t played one game in the EPL and he’s put up next to League stars Fàbregas, Lampard and Gerrard. Hope the pressure doesn’t crush our beloved little pea…

and here is the smorgasbord that is, Friday Linkage:

The ‘Stros kind of get some overseas love, and yes she broke up with him but not over him letting her get hit by the foul ball...  The Faith of Katy Perry and the eventual fate of Katy Perry’s music…Yep, I’m one of these 40%ers Here’s a column titled, “America’s Biggest Jobs Program — the U.S. Military”, written by, wait for it, a Berkeley prof. Maybe not quite the inspiration for Gibby’s “eliminating the Pentagon” blast but… Apparently Jennifer Aniston drew the ire of former Inside Edition luminary Bill O’Reilly by believing it to be a good idea to drive a car with your feet. And oh by the way, Aniston paid it forward Puritan anchor babies, need I say more? Finally, we are less than a month away from seeing these boys (below) in action. #81 there to the right is all-around great guy Sam Acho, here’s a great story about him…

[Photo credit: Peter Read Miller/Sports Illustrated]

Roy Oswalt Owns the Cincinnati Reds

Houston Astros ace, Roy Oswalt (below),
continued his mastery of the Cincinnati Reds last night:

Oswalt continues dominance of Reds

Here are some of Roy-O’s eye-popping career numbers against the Reds:

Starts:  24

Wins: 22

Losses: 1

ERA: 2.51

Innings: 176

Strikeouts: 148

Walks: 41

Thanks for coming Cincinnati

It’s a good thing Manny Ramirez didn’t shove Joe Horn…

Back in November of last year a Pasadena (Texas) man, Joe Horn, gunned down 2 men who were burglarizing his neighbor’s house. Given the ethnicity (Hispanic) of the 2 (now dead) burglars, much controversy and protesting followed. In fact the outrage followed Mr. Horn to his home, where people protested his actions (and perhaps his right to live).

Mr. Horn is either viewed as a hero or as just another example of a bloodthirsty white man unloading his cruelty (and racism, let us not forget that one!) on defenseless and unassuming minorities. For better or for worse these camps divide along ‘racial’ lines.

Yesterday, Mr. Horn was cleared of any wrongdoing, here’s the story from the Houston Chronicle,

Joe Horn cleared by grand jury in Pasadena shootings

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Coach Biggio

Craig Biggio, perhaps the greatest Astros player, has taken the baseball coach position at St. Thomas High School (his son is on the team). See story below,

Biggio goes pro at St. Thomas

Perhaps the best part of this story is this,

Biggio said he doesn’t plan to take any money from the school. All the money that he would receive as part of his stipend will go back to the rest of the coaching staff. He hasn’t had a chance to sit down with his staff, but said he doesn’t anticipate making major changes.

Craig Biggio. Houston Sports Icon.

Lance Berkman: The Unconscionable Puma

Houston Astros first baseman, Lance Berkman (below), is on a tear. Yesterday he capped a furious Astros rally by belting the eventual game-winning home run against the Giants.


The Big Puma currently leads the National League in Home Runs, RBIs, Runs Scored, and Slugging Percentage, in large part to his current prowess at the plate.

Here are some of his stats (thanks to Baseball-Reference) during his current 14-game hitting streak,
HRs = 7
RBIs = 20
Avg = .556
On base % = .625
Slugging % = 1.074 (this is sick)

Stay thirsty my friend…

Time Subject to Change


My then girlfriend (and current wife) and I bought tickets to the above game. We were hoping to watch Barry Bonds break Mark McGwire’s single-season home run record.

What we or anyone else could not have anticipated were the horrific events which transpired on the scheduled date of the game and thus emphasized the ticket’s disclaimer “Time Subject to Change”.

What happened that day was yet another reminder of Jesus’ words,

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. — Matthew 6:33-34

The Boston Red Sox, “World Champions of the World!”


Ho-hum, so another big payroll MLB team cruises to yet another World Series title. After winning 2 World Series in 4 years, I don’t think the Sox can be classified under the “lovable loser” category in sports taxonomy. The Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Indians, and Houston Astros still qualify though.

Truth be told, I became a quasi-Red Sox fan prior to the ’86 World Series. That year in the NLCS, the New York Mets had broken the hearts of every Houston Astros fan (including myself) and so it became somewhat natural for me to root for their World Series opponent, the Boston Red Sox.

Rooting for the Sox was made easier by the collection of characters on the Mets. It’s not hard to root against a team with the likes of Strawberry, Gooden, Mitchell, and Backman. They also had a guy who is impossible to retire and thus a thorn on the opposing team’s side, for the ’86 Mets that was Ray Knight. Understand that this type of guy is a must on a team which the opposing fans find easy to dislike (Think Pyerzynski, Eckstein, Lemke, etc) but the home fans absolutely adore.

Since then, they’ve kind of been my favorite AL team, especially after the Yankees became the “evil empire”.

I felt Red Sox nation’s pain when that dribbler went between Buckner’s legs, when Grady Little listened to Pedro over common sense, and when Boone rocked a Wakefield dead duck special over the wall.  I “rejoiced” when they swept Houston’s nemesis the St. Louis Cardinals in ’04.

But can us non-Red Sox fans still root for them and above the Yankees, a team whose “evil empire” formula the Red Sox have adopted and probably perfected?

Not after winning their second title in 4 years and having the second highest payroll in MLB and thus in my view, shedding their lovable loser label.

However they’re still 20 or so world titles from catching Steinbrenner’s Yankees, so I guess this Astros fan’s AL rallying cry is still “Go Red Sox!”