Putin Strikes a Centauric Pose

As chronicled here and here, the inimitable Prime Minister of Russia, one Vladimir Putin (all Spanish speakers say “hey-o!”), has a penchant for getting in touch with his masculinity or at least getting photographed in virile poses.

While the things which are emerging as the hallmarks of manhood such as wearing scarves in summer and sporting a perpetual pout might sate the up-and-comers, Putin’s act takes us back to the days Archie and Edith crooned about (“Girls were girls and men were men.”)

Here’s his latest attempt to take manhood back:


Alexsey Druginyn/AFP/Getty Images

Eat your heart out Chiron and Firenze, here comes the P.M.

You can read about his latest adventure here.

One can almost say Putin’s feats of strength are his attempts of shaking the unshakable Spanish translation of his surname.