If you found $140,000 would you turn it in?

Eli Estrada, a California landscaper, sure did according to this story,
“Man Finds $140,000, Turns It In To Cops”.

Despite the fiendish temptation to think of him as “stupid”, this gentleman did the right thing. We all would certainly see it this way if it was our $140K.

A question which arises is: Whould we do this with say a $20 bill? Does the amount of money found determine the “oughtness” of turning the money in?

By the way, the money belonged to Brinks, the security company. They compensated Mr. Estrada with $2000 for his honesty, whether they should have backed up the proverbial and in this case, literal, Brinks truck for the man remains to be debated in the court of public opinion.

I’d say Mr. Estrada deserves his own cheesy Liberty Mutual ad (click here to view).