The Case for Health Care Reform

There has been much debate as of the state of health care in these United States.  Some believe Uncle Sam should cover all costs while others, with a vehement “NO!” oppose this kind of system.

There are valid arguments on both sides I’m sure.

However, I believe a better argument for “free health care” was apparently made by a resident of Thousand Oaks, California.



During a protest, a supporter of health care reform allegedly bit off the finger of a man who opposes health care reform.

Finger bitten off during California health protest

Before we judge a man who bit off a 65-year-old man’s left pinky, he was only trying to make the point that the eventual reattachment of the digit would have been free if Congress and the President get their way.

Gotta give it to the man at least for going the extra mile with the visual, albeit a painful one.