The Fiddler Crab on the Roof

Here is a picture of a fiddler crab:

Fiddler Crab

As noted before, us Mexicans have a knack to gloss people based on how closely they resemble any member of the animal kingdom. In any given posse of Mexicans you may find one pajaro or caballo. A nickname frontrunner has emerged, granted his is not an animal nickname but it is an apt reference to Tolkien. Presenting 5’4″Atlante F.C. forward, Christian Bermúdez, affectionately known as El Hobbit,

El Hobbit

But I digress.

The following story features another entrant into our Animal Nickname Hall of Fame:

German arm wrestler shows off his single Popeye-esque limb

The Brit writer brands him “Popeye” but what do the Limeys know of nicknames? (see ‘Becks’) No, I’m going to go with the “Fiddler Crab”, here’s why:

The Fiddler Crab

In case you’re wondering, his name is not Tevye.

Landon Donovan to Club América? ¡Guau!

Whether or not this even has a chance of becoming reality remains to be seen, but Greg Lalas of Sports Illustrated makes the case for it here, Why Donovan could join the enemy.

Here’s Landon Donovan depicting America’s role in WW II…

My buddy… My buddy and me.

In all seriousness, I think Lalas makes a good case for Landon joining las Águilas del America, given the precarious perch they find themselves in right now, on the brink of relegation.

Personally, I’d love to see what a world-class player like Donovan brings to a tradition-laden side like C.A. I’d also love to see how he’d be treated by the rabid fan base in México City. He is the proverbial thorn in México’s side.

Hopefully they would treat him better than they did last week, when idiotic fans threw various things at him as he prepared to take a corner kick. Seriously folks, boo the man, hiss at him but why hurl projectiles (among other things) at him?

As in most realms in the sporting world, if he joins C.A. and the team starts dominating, I think the fans will warm up to him. The fact he speaks Spanish wouldn’t hurt him either.

That being said, when Donovan suits up for the Stars and Stripes, all club allegiances dissipate and I would expect nothing less from my countrymen than a rabid antagonism.

Especially when memories like this are seared into the collective memories of all fans of my beloved Tricolor,

Landon Donovan