Spain’s Basketball Team Drops the Ball

The Spanish Olympic Basketball Team is in a bit of hot water after a certain picture started making the rounds. A picture (below) in which the entire team is seen “making slit-eyed gestures”.

The quote (and picture) came from the following story,
Olympics: Spain’s eye-catching faux pas

Obviously the Spanish players saw nothing wrong or insensitive about making said gestures. Perhaps their attitude is an innocent one. At least that’s what it was when we used to do the same thing as kids in México. Not justifying it, just saying that when there isn’t exposure to other cultures this kind of thing is endemic (see Memín Pinguín), but can hardly be called malicious.  If such behavior persists after exposure, then that is a different story.

It is somewhat similar to Asians derisively calling Caucasians “round-eyes”. Which is interesting in light of what this post (#41 Eye Enlargement) alleges:

Fact: Asian women think that their eyes are ugly. They will go to many lengths to change the appearance of their eyes, from high-maintenance temporary alterations to more expensive and permanent options. So much so, that every Asian person has at least one sister, mother, aunt, grandmother, or friend who has tried to change their eyes.