162 Years and Counting…

Ever since General Scott and his few good men made martyrs out of 6 Mexican cadets 162 years ago, Americans have not won anything in México City.

Here’s a lithograph depicting the American victory at Chapultepec during the Mexican-American War.

Battle of Chapultepec

As painful as it is for most Mexicans to remember that tragic loss, it is equally joyous to celebrate , in a lesser realm of course, México’s victory over Team USA in a World Cup qualifying match at Estadio Azteca last Wednesday (I know it’s been a week but this post has been marinating).

Needless to say, I love my adoptive country, these United States of America but when it comes to fútbol, my heart will always be with my beloved Tricolor.

Which is why I thoroughly enjoyed Team USA’s inability to win in México City, those of you who like numbers here is Team USA’s record there: 0 wins, 23 losses, 1 tie.

Before talking about the match I’d like to point out the shameless behavior of some Mexican fans during the contest. Sports Illustrated reporter Grant Wahl was doused with beer and shown double rods by one of my thoughtless and classless paisanos. Mexican nemesis Landon Donovan was doused with various bodily fluids as he was preparing to take a corner kick (below right)


Queridos compadres,
Vayan al Coloso, pónganse la verde, grítenle la porra de Jalisco al Pato Howard, pero por el amor de Dios no hagan el tipo de cosas que nos hacen ver mal a todos nosotros y que causen que unos escriban este
tipo de idioteces.

Wahl handled the classlessness of some Mexicans with class, the same cannot be said of the writer of the cited link.

On to the match…

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Benny Feilhaber and Maxi Rodríguez, separated at birth?


Another do or die match, another loss by México in a very winnable situation. This time the stakes were a little higher (I suppose) than the match against Argentina in Germany 2006.

Playing the role of Maxi Rodríguez was American Benny Feilhaber who booted a beautiful shot over a diving Oswaldo Sánchez.

Like Rodríguez’ masterpiece, Feilhaber’s took the air of out of a scrappy Mexican squad who sought to take a match which was wide open.

The final score (USA 2, Mexico 1) was disappointing to this Mexican but not entirely unexpected, though in typical Tri fashion, they gave us hope only to take it back (Bofo could have changed that if he hadn’t paunched that shot not 8 feet in front of the American goal).

All in all, El Tri underachieved throughout this tournament yet found themselves in the final, and didn’t embarrass themselves, though Team USA still has their number.

To win Copa América we go!