Chevron’s Slick PR Job

Oil companies get a bad rap. Grass is green, the sky is blue, and the Kansas Jayhawks never seem able to field a lousy men’s basketball team.

The charge that oil companies are “evil” is often heard (they’re not alone, some consider Vice President Dick Cheney a part of this fraternity). That I’ve heard these angry allegations from people who consider the existence of evil as the relic of a bygone era is amusing.

Whatever one believes about oil companies, one cannot help but tip one’s hat to their attempts at public relations. Check out this commercial from Chevron’s “Human Energy” campaign,

Maybe it’s just me and my bias but is that geologist/surveyor at around 1:04 not evidence of a commendable PR job? Does one have to be a PR major to appreciate what Chevron has done?

They’ve taken a guy, who by all appearances fits the counter cultural image of the people most likely to brand oil companies (not to mention Mr. Cheney) as evil, and made him an employee. (Perhaps on a contractual basis to maintain his street cred?)

To quote a certain Irish brewmaster, “Brilliant!”